Write For Your Target Market

Image by Dennis Jarvis under Creative Commons 2.0Whenever you update your website, create a blog post, tweet something, or even write an email response, keep your target market in mind. While it’s tempting to think that everybody in your service area is your target, that’s simply not true. In fact when you market to “everyone” [Read More...]

Create Long Lasting Real Estate Relationships with MailChimp and iHOUSE ELITE Websites

MailChimp® Meet iHOUSE Being in the real estate business we know that a large majority of your leads come from your contacts, ex-clients and referrals. That’s why we here at iHOUSEweb have created a suite of tools that will help create long lasting relationships with your clients. iHOUSEweb has partnered with MailChimp to create new tools allowing [Read More...]

Creative Ways to Highlight Backyard Curb Appeal This Spring

A beautiful exterior isn’t just unforgettable; in real estate, it can determine whether a home sells or not. Every seller’s dream is to sell their home for the best possible price. Unfortunately, this is not a dream many achieve. The good news is that there are many things sellers can do to add value to [Read More...]