Handling Multiple Offers

Image by Andy Leeman under Creative Commons 2.0When the real estate market heats up, multiple offers on individual properties become more common. Learning how to handle multiple offers elegantly, easily and ethically isn’t that difficult if you make sure you know the ground rules where you are. Most real estate brokerages have guidelines about handling [Read More...]

Eco-Friendly Tips to Attract Green Buyers This Spring

The green movement has influenced every industry, from fashion to real estate. As people look for more ways to decrease their carbon footprint, organizations are raising their game. Today’s homes don’t just have expansive backyards and numerous windows, they are built with the environment in mind. Green buyers want eco-friendly homes which help them to [Read More...]

Simple Ways Your Sellers Can Improve Their Front Entry

First impressions are critical for buyers. If they don’t like what they see when they drive by a house, they will keep on driving. The first part of a home buyers see is the exterior – the lawn, driveway, garden, pathway, and front entry. Homeowners use their front entries on a daily basis and might [Read More...]

Home Renovations That Will Increase ROI for Less

Every home seller struggles with this question “Should I put money into my property before selling it?” The answer is “Yes.” However, it is important to know which repairs to focus on as some have little to no returns. For example, a wooden deck has a higher ROI than a new sunroom. Sellers looking to [Read More...]