Why Agents are Trying Pay-Per-Click

In this issue, we share our thoughts on one of the more valuable tools in Website Marketing, Pay-Per-Click.

What If You Had a Website No One Visited?

One of the most important things for a successful online marketing strategy is to get visitor traffic to your website. It is obvious that the best website in the world is worthless unless people come to see it. So why do so many real estate agents put up a website without having any sort of clear plan for bringing people to their site? There is often a perception that if you put up a website, search engines will just start sending traffic to it. Sometimes that actually does happen, but usually getting real traffic from search engines is a long process with a good deal of hard work involved. That is why many agents have turned to Pay-Per-Click search marketing to get them traffic.

Pay-Per-Click is where you bid to have your ad show up in the sponsored results next to the normal results in a search engine like Google. This tends to be a lot quicker at getting traffic to a website. It is also noticeably easier than trying to get a “Number 1” position in a search engine, but many agents make the mistake that just because it is easier that Pay-Per-Click must be easy. More than a few agents have jumped in to Pay-Per-Click and wasted tons of money on some common mistakes. iHOUSE® Websites has put together a White Paper on some of these mistakes and we are sharing them with you in our October Blueprint.

There’s Always Something New at iHOUSE Web Solutions

Announcing the New iHOUSE Pay-Per-Click™
iHOUSE Web Solutions has just entered the Pay-Per-Click management business with a unique product that combines the power of Pay-Per-Click with IDX Search. Come find out more about the New iHOUSE Pay-Per-Click™.

New All-You-Can-Eat Flat-Rate for ConnecTel® Toll-Free Listing Hotlines.
As of October 1st our ConnecTel Listing Hotlines no longer have Minute Plans! Now all ConnecTel Customers have Unlimited Minutes at One Low Monthly Flat Rate of $24.98. Also, the Voicemail and Alternate Contact Options have been rolled into the Flat Rate at no additional charge.

IDXPro has Gone Mobile!
Our new IDXPro 3.0 has been updated to be accessible by smart phones, such as your Blackberry or iPhone. This free update was automatic on all of our IDXPro Accounts. Impress buyers with your remote access to listing data from your phone!

iHOUSE Website’s School Information has been Upgraded!
In one of our regular updates the Local School information page was made easier to use and all the schools have been linked to demographic information from the US Department of Education via the IES National Center for Education Statistics Website. This is one more important resource for buyers on iHOUSE websites.

iHOUSE Web Solutions in San Antonio!
On September 9th, iHOUSE attended the Texas Association of REALTORS Convention and Trade Expo in San Antonio Texas. We had a great time meeting a lot of you there and seeing beautiful San Antonio. Our Website winner was Jeani Thomas Richie from Century 21 United – Action in San Antonio. Congratulations Jeani!

Customer Close-Up: Nanci Buczynski of Hilton Head Island, SC

Nanci Buczynski Case Study
Nanci Buczynski

This Month’s Customer Close Up features Nanci Buczynski and her website www.miznanci.com.

Nanci Buczynski and her husband moved around a lot. Moving 13 times meant Nanci was at the buying and selling end of plenty of real estate transactions, and she wasn’t even a real estate agent at the time! When Nanci and her husband ‘retired’ to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Nanci wasn’t content without something to do. She got a job with a local REALTOR®, assisting him with marketing duties such as creating virtual tours and adding pictures to his website. However, once she got her feet wet in real estate, she wanted more.

Nanci has now been a Hilton Head Island real estate agent for about 10 years. The island boasts a variety of real estate, including residential communities, villas, condos, and vacation homes. Hilton Head is about 12 miles long by 4 miles wide and is widely known as a resort community. The island’s population of about 35,000 inhabitants primarily works… More

iHOUSE® Tips & Tricks: Customize Forms

Did you know that when you get a lead email from an iHOUSE website the name of the form it came from is the subject of the email? You can use this to track where your leads are coming from on your website. Learn more about Forms in our Online Help Center.

iHOUSE Blueprint Monthly Poll

In the July Blueprint our survey question was “What is the best source of leads on your website?” Surprisingly the most common answer at 43% of respondents was that many of you don’t have a good way to track where leads come from on your website. The next most common answer at about 21% of responses was that most of your leads come from your guestbook form.

This month’s survey question is: Have you tried Pay-Per-Click Marketing and did you like it?

(Poll is now closed.)

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