Release Notes – 2016.03.31

The highlights: You can now customize the text above your Registration form. Bots are instructed to check back with your robots.txt file more frequently – so new pages should get found faster. And Facebook continues to use the wrong image on some of the listing pages that are auto-posted. We made a change that should reduce the number of times this happens.

Garage Organization: Help Your Clients Create Buyer Appeal

In many homes, the garage is often the designated dump site, a place where misplaced boxes, old boxes and miscellaneous tools abound. Homeowners fill their garage floors with clutter and if they run out of floor space, they start stacking objects. If there is one thing home buyers hate, it’s clutter. Clutter will drive buyersContinue Reading…

Budget-Friendly Ways to Perk Up Spring Curb Appeal

Most home sellers postpone outdoor renovations in winter as they wait for the warm season. Well, spring has arrived and it’s time to tackle all those projects. Those who had forgotten about curb appeal should get out and check their exteriors because buyers will soon come knocking. Here are 6 economic ways sellers can spruceContinue Reading…

How to Use Pinterest to Share Your Real Estate Blog Content

Your website is updated and looks great. You’ve committed to one blog post a week, maybe two. You’re on Facebook (of course!) and you’re considering adding another social media account to share your blog and get more eyes on your website. Have you considered Pinterest? Pinterest is for more than dreaming about weddings or findingContinue Reading…