More than 30,000 agents nationwide trust iHOUSEweb to help make their business a success. Here are just a few of them:

Jason Potter
Myrtle Beach, SC

Keeping up with the online 'game' of real estate lead generation, online visibility, blogging, website design and templates is a grueling task, however it is one that iHOUSEweb has, in my professional opinion, knocked out of the park. I consider them now my strategic marketing partners and have enjoyed our almost 10 year working partnership.

Robert Yost
Folsom, CA

I am not a very tech savvy person and iHOUSEweb has enabled me to utilize the power of technology to help increase the amount of traffic I come in contact with while requiring very little effort on my part. I am a big proponent of working effectively, 'smarter not harder'. Their website has been easy for me to use and I get leads from it daily.

Kathy Griffith
Moore, OK

Thanks to Lenny! About a month ago we had a person contact us after searching Realtors in Oklahoma City. He came across our website, liked what he saw and hired us to sell his $3.7million dollar listing!!!! The home is 2.5 hours away from our market, but he wanted an Oklahoma City Realtor and after reviewing several websites from our market, he chose us!!!! So I just wanted to say 'thank you' for making us look like rock stars here in Oklahoma City.

Ken Glaskox
Mount Juliet, TN

I called IHouse looking for a user friendly web site with easy access to a support team. I am blown away daily by the service immediate response I get from the iHouse support team. You also have the opportunity to schedule a phone appointment with technicians to walk you through step by step learning curves. The templates are user friendly and attractive as well. I recommend this company.

I have had my iHOUSE website for 5 years and I thought I was in for another marginally helpful annual review of my website. After briefly talking with Trevour about some ideas he had to improve my website user experience, I couldn't believe he would be willing to make those suggested changes to my website. It seemed too good to be true and was a leap of faith to say "sounds good --Make it happen." Well, all of my concerns were for naught. I am ecstatic with the changes Trevour has made and equally impressed with how quickly they were accomplished. I am confident my website will generate more business for me.

Theresa Anderson
Milton, GA

My experience was excellent. Thank you for letting me know my domain was expired and NOT pointing to the site!!! I was oblivious! Additionally, I wanted to let you know that my site is performing very well. The 'slick' presentation of the site coupled with my market positioning, has me competing with major firms for lux properties and higher end farms and estates. I gained a multi million dollar listing after the owner perused my site. Through this relationship, I also gained several other multi million dollar properties. Further, my site continues to be a go to source for prospects using it as a search tool. My challenge is turning these customers into clients and increasing my ROI here. I would like to speak with someone about this on going challenge. I value my iHOUSE site and consider your team a trusted resource. Thank you!

Angelica Castillo
Porterville, CA

My broker is extremely thrilled with our new site; great traffic and lead count so far. We've had 17 leads in the last 7 days off of our website. I googled one of our listings yesterday to find the listing agent and the listing detail from the Melson website came in as the 1st result on Google page 1; even above Zillow, Trulia or Realtor... I sent her a screen shot and she was VERY happy.

Des Hughes
Boise, ID

iHOUSEweb looks so custom and professional and is easy to manage and manipulate as I go. The professional package I purchased is worth every penny with the expert advice I am getting with my designer Michelle. Thank you iHOUSEweb for saving the day!

Tonya Osborn
Portland, Oregon

The customer service has been outstanding and I can't sing their praises enough. I never thought I could have a website that was as professional, user friendly and impressive as I have now. I expected my website cost to be in the thousands. Your pricing was shockingly low! Had I realized how inexpensive this site would be, I would have done this years ago.

Dan Bullock
Rincon, Georgia

IDXPro is a breath of fresh air from cyberspace! I know enough about websites and IDX to be dangerous and have been shopping and experimenting for quite some time. I discovered your marvelous service on the site of one of my “colleagues” I just signed up, and right away have been posting saved searches to my custom sites… A bit of trial and error, but the program has a very quick learning curve and overall, I am thrilled with the package and its value. THANK YOU!

John & Patricia Ernstrom
Seabrook Island, SC

I have mentioned this to many of your tech people over the years.. the way you run your business is commendable! Your support people are highly trained, extremely helpful and perform at such a level as to make you as feel you have an expert available at any time. They are courteous, polite and have an interest in your problem. Very professional! I’ve had my website with your company for approximately 12 years. Our business is completely dependent on our website and the internet and over the years we’ve had many compliments and success regarding the ease in using your product. I regret I haven’t written sooner! I can only say THANK YOU for your high level of service over the years. It’s been a pleasure!

Rob Janssenon
Soldotna, AK

Casey was very knowledgeable about your product, and was very quick in solving my issues. I could not have asked for a better experience, and now having experienced a call to your help line, will not dread or hesitate in calling if or better when, future issues should arise. I wish other companies were able to perform to the level that Casey gave as a representative for your company. Thanks again!