How Your Sellers Can Stage Their Fixer-Upper Homes

Selling a home is no easy task, but selling a fixer-upper is even harder. Modern buyers want homes with new kitchens, updated bathrooms, and large master bedrooms. In slow real estate markets, they can easily find such homes. But fixer-uppers lack these amenities. The key to selling these types of homes is getting the homeownersContinue Reading…


The Different Types of Content You Should Create for Your Site

I worked around real estate for seven years. No, I didn’t sell or list it, but I know just enough to be dangerous. I can ask the right questions. I can even catch small issues before they become big problems. But there’s no way I would sell or list property without a professional agent byContinue Reading…


The Importance Of Lighting When Showing A Home

People are attracted to well-lit public facilities, parks, and commercial shopping districts. Why? Because good lighting increases the desirability of these places and significantly contributes to people’s sense of well-being. Research has shown that light quality affects people in different ways. For instance, well-designed lighting can enhance mood and boost productivity. A dark house, onContinue Reading…


Release Notes – 2016.07.21

There are five new Templates available in our design gallery. Each of the new designs features a fullscreen content section that takes full advantage of widescreen monitors, while still offering the enhanced mobile responsive layout that comes standard with all iHOUSEweb templates.

This release also focused heavily on stabilizing code from the last release. Both the “Pretty URLs” and the “Page Backgrounds” features made major infrastructure changes.


Budget Curb Appeal Tips: Making an Impact at the Front Door

A gorgeous front door can make a home look stunning. Unfortunately, many home sellers focus on everything else and forget their front doors. The front door is a home’s focal point. If it’s plain and unappealing, home buyers won’t want to see what’s inside. Sellers looking to lure buyers and sell their homes quickly shouldContinue Reading…

Pretty_URLs 2

Pretty URLs Are Here!

Every page on the web has a unique web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Some URLs are composed of seemingly random and “ugly” alphanumeric strings, while “pretty” URLs are composed of readable words and phrases. Example “pretty” URL: The example above demonstrates a URL which is “pretty” and reflects the content of the page itself.  The page is titled “SacramentoContinue Reading…


How to Greet Your Clients

The way you greet your clients, both potential and existing, has more influence on making sales than you might suspect. Stop for a moment and think back to a time you walked out of a store without buying anything because of the way the staff reacted to you – or didn’t. Or remember a time when you calledContinue Reading…