6 Ways to Use Your Web Address

 February 10, 2014

Sure, it’s a digital world now – but that doesn’t mean you should ignore print. In fact, you should be putting your website’s address (also known as the URL which stands for Uniform Resource Locator) on everything, or almost.

More and more people actually look for a web address when they want to buy or sell property because they want to get a sense of the real estate agent before contacting them.

Your iHOUSE website does a great job introducing you to potential clients – make sure they have lots of chances to find it by using it in print and in other ways.

Your business card

Your business card is perhaps the most obvious place you simply must have your web address. It’s important enough to order a new box of cards with your URL if you need to.

Hand one or two to everyone you meet – the second is so they can give it to someone else. The URL printed in at least 12 point type makes it easy for them read the card to get to  your website.

By the way, in print you can skip the ‘http://’ portion of your web address and just put: ‘www.yourdomain.com” Search engines are now smart enough to take people using the shortened address to your site.

Your signs

Every single one of your For Sale or For Rent or Property Management signs needs your web address on both the front and the back. And the print needs to be simple and large enough to read easily from the curb and even the road when possible.

When people see your sign in front of a desirable property, they will use their cell phone cameras to snap your web address and phone number. They will pull to the curb and write them both down, or even make a phone call home to make a note of the information on their voicemail.

Folks love going to real estate websites and looking even if they’re not planning on buying or selling right now. Make it easy for them to use your site for their real estate window shopping and local real estate info. Some will turn into real customers.

Your letterhead, etc.

Okay, maybe you’re not writing many letters these days, but those you do write need to carry your web address as well as your name, snail mail address, and phone numbers.

And don’t forget to include your URL on the return address of your envelopes and address labels. You simply never know who will see it, use it and become a raving fan of yours.

If you use memo pads, custom post-it® notes, match books, calendars, forms – anything in paper, make sure your web address is displayed prominently. These days your web address is as important as your phone number.

Anything you give away

You may make good use of promotional giveaways – you know – calendars toward the beginning of the year, key chains, shaped magnets and letter openers, or even higher end items like moving day kits, door wreaths, etc.

To be an effective reminder of you, each piece needs your name, phone number and web address. In fact, all three won’t fit, choose something else. Your giveaway needs to both tickle your client and work for you.

All advertisements you run

Make sure every advertisement you run, from ads in the newspaper, on grocery carts, on banners, on flyers –  has your website address in big enough type so folks can read it easily.

The same is true for any television ads – ask for a banner with your website to show up well.

Don’t forget radio ads. Make sure you or the announcer practices saying your site address slowly and clearly.

Your iHOUSE website is a tremendous asset for you and your real estate business – make it work in print for you.

What’s your take on using your web address in print? Did I leave anything out?


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Anne Wayman

By Anne Wayman

Before Anne Wayman became a writer she sold real estate in Southern California. She worked with her father who learned the business from his father. Not surprisingly she learned a few things along the way. Since then, she has been freelance writing for over 30 years – she is a grandmother, loves cats and writes about a wide variety of topics including real estate.