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Is the test drive really free?

Yes. It's really free. We don't collect any credit card information until you decide to purchase. The test drive automatically expires after 14 days. Soon after you start, one of our Web Marketing Consultants will contact you to see how you're doing and to answer any questions you may have. We don't share your information with anyone else.

What features does the test drive have?

The test drive has all the Pro level features for the package you choose: either Agent or Office. The main exception is that the IDX Search feature is populated with dummy data. We cannot show real listings because of MLS restrictions.

Can I use my existing domain name and email?

Yes. No sweat. We've done thousands of these transfers and we'll make it as painless as possible for you. You can also register new domain names through us.

What does iHOUSE Elite Service® mean?

Whenever you want to make a change or have any issue with your website, we'll take care of it for you! No need for you to lift a finger. We will even proactively contact you with suggestions and improvements. Note: we do not provide desktop support nor do we create marketing materials.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts or cancellation fees. To cancel your account, just contact us and we'll shut it down in 30 days.

Do you have my MLS?

Yes, almost certainly. We have relationships with 541 MLS's across the country. And if we don't have yours yet, chances are good that we can add it for you. Check MLS coverage.

What's this about extra MLS fees?

Yes, it's a bummer. Sorry. Some MLS's charge us fees for access to their MLS data, and we dutifully pass those costs on to you. Sometimes they'll charge you fees directly too. Contact us for more information.

What are the start-up fees for?

Start-up fees are for initial real estate website setup and personal training. They are completely optional. We offer several different levels of service depending on your needs.

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Basic Features
Agent Express
Agent Pro
Office Pro
Website and Hosting
Our all-in-one service provides website, hosting, email, and easy website editing tools. You can use a domain name you already own or register a new one with us.
Google Cloud Accounts
Email, Contacts, Calendar, Documents, and more, all synced to the cloud and accessible from any device. Learn more
Email Accounts
Create email addresses at your domain name with 30GB of storage using Google Cloud. Learn more
Virtually Unlimited Attachment Sizes
Don't worry about your documents being too big to attach.
Easy Website Editor
Edit your website pages and content using easy editing tools right from your browser.
Hundreds of Designs
Choose from hundreds of professionally designed themes. Infinitely customizable yet easy to edit and you can switch at any time.
Integrated IDX Search
Give your website visitors the listings they’re looking for and convert them into leads. From Teaser Registration™ to saved searches and HouseTrack™ email notifications, IDX Search is the heart of your website and the engine that brings you new business.
Listing Maps
Show your listing search results on the map or use the map as a starting point to search for listings.
Responsive Designs
We've made sure that your website will look great on any device. We do this by painstakingly going through every one of our website designs and making sure they look great on every screen size including mobile phones and tablets.
Galleries and Slideshows
There are tons of different ways to display your featured listings.
Rentals, Foreclosures, and Commercial Listing Types
Search for and display special listing types like foreclosures, rentals, and commercial properties. If your MLS includes data for these then so does your website.
Unlimited Pages, Listings, and Photos
We know how important content is to visitors and search engines. Your only limit is your creativity.
  • *One email account is included with each website via Google Cloud. Additional Google Cloud accounts (each with one email account) are available for $5/mo each. Learn more about Google Cloud

Making It Easy
Agent Express
Agent Pro
Office Pro
Auto-Updated Listings
Stop spending hours doing double data entry! Add new listings or edit them just once in the MLS. Your website will automatically detect the changes and display the new listing information.
Listing Syndication
Get maximum exposure for your listings for a minimum amount of effort. Your Elite Website automatically syndicates your listings to your Facebook Page, Yahoo! Real Estate, Trulia, Zillow, Vast, Hotpads, and Craigslist.
Pre-Written Content
When you're writing content, starting from scratch can be hard. That's why your website comes loaded with prewritten pages and content. A few easy edits and you can make it your own.
iHOUSE Elite Service®
Whenever you have a change or issue with your site, just call, email or schedule an appointment with us and we'll take care of it for you!

Generating More Leads
Agent Express
Agent Pro
Office Pro
Teaser Registration™
Capture up to 14x more leads when you use this feature with your website's IDX search. Let your website visitors view a few listings and THEN prompt them to register before they can view any more.
HouseTrack™ Email Notifications
Your client saves a search on your website or you set one up for them. Then your website sends them regular email alerts showing new listings that match their search conditions.
Customizable Contact Forms
Collect the information you want from your prospects. When they fill out a form it sends you an email.
Spy On Your Leads (LeadTracker™)
See when your registered website users are visiting and what they are searching for. Your website keeps track of all their activity.

To capture even more leads we offer an exclusive, managed pay-per-click service called LeadBuilder. Contact us for availability and pricing in your area.

Agent Express
Agent Pro
Office Pro
Multiple Connected Websites
Get a main broker website AND a fully functional website for every agent in your office. Each website is fully featured and customizable.
Intelligent Lead Distribution
Leads captured by an agent website go to that agent. Or centralize all the leads and automatically distribute them round-robin style to your agents.
Agent Directory Page
Shows a list of all the people that work in your office with photos and contact information.
Agent Profile Pages
Every person in your office can have their own profile page with a photo, description, contact information, and their recent featured listings.

Agent Package Pricing ★ Save 10% with Annual
Agent Express
Agent Pro
Monthly Rate
Get 10% off when you sign up for annual billing.
Start-Up Fee
Different levels of website setup service and personal training are available to get your website up and running the way you want.
$0 - $298
$0 - $598

Office Package Pricing ★ Save 10% with Annual
Office Pro
Number of Agent Websites
Let each of your agents have their own website. Choose the package that best fits your office size.
Monthly Rate
Get 10% off when you sign up for annual billing.
Start-Up Fee
Different levels of website setup service and personal training are available to get your website up and running the way you want.
$0 - $998