Easy Ways to Save on Home Remodeling this Season

 February 28, 2014

There is no doubt that home remodeling is one of the easiest ways to add value onto homes but also is a great way to keep homes looking modern and up to date with design and functional aesthetics. Although, we all also understand that remodeling can be expensive. Kitchen remodeling can easily escalate into the tens of thousands and bathroom and other home remodeling projects can turn into cash drains and can cause home sellers and home owners to steer away from much needed remodeling projects. Instead of deterring your clients away from costly remodeling projects, here are some ideas you can pass on to them to save money.

Saving money on common home remodeling projects

Add color and accent walls throughout the home

Transforming a room with color or removing color to neutralize a space is inexpensive with paint, wallpaper and faux finish techniques. Painting is the most inexpensive home improvement technique that can transform a room instantly. Advise your home sellers to create a color palette that flows throughout their home for an inviting and welcoming experience to potential homebuyers.

Use color to add pizazz to any room

Update bathroom and kitchen fixtures to add pizazz

Kitchen and bathroom remodels can be the most expensive project out of the entire home. Instead of removing all of the cabinetry, appliances and finishes and starting from scratch, consider updating the fixtures. Plumbing fixtures such as sink, pot filler, shower/tub fixtures to bring the room up to a modern and sophisticated tone. Look to kitchen and bath fixture manufacturers who offer suites of products to coordinate seamlessly together.

Replace fixtures in bathroom and kitchen for an inexpensive addition

Use faux finishes to look like the real materials

When on a budget for a remodeling project it doesn’t mean your clients have to sacrifice beauty and presentation in their home. Faux finishes or finishes that look like real materials are becoming increasingly popular. Countertops that are made from plastic laminate or solid surface material can resemble more expensive granites, marble, slate and more. Refacing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is a great solution if your client can’t afford new cabinets. Flooring that looks like wood such as porcelain tiles, and even pre-engineered floors are all options to save money.

Consider reclaimed materials in home remodeling projects

Another great avenue for saving money is to ask contractors, carpenters and designers to use reclaimed materials when performing remodeling projects.  Reclaimed and repurposed wood, timber, metal and other materials are perfect because they are giving a greener life cycle to materials while lending a new aesthetic to the home. Many home product brands are creating entire lines of furniture, building products and more just for specifying for remodeling projects.

Throughout your client’s homes there is a plethora of ideas brimming over for DIY projects. Look to these ideas to save money and create a home that is appealing to all. From adding color, updating fixtures and remembering that faux finishes and reclaimed materials are perfect for home remodeling. Don’t forget that other REALTORS® have great ideas too for saving money on remodeling! We’d love for you to share your ideas with us on our iHOUSE Facebook page.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

Ronique Gibson is an Associate Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, who has been in the design industry for over 13 years. She started her design blog in 2009 and today it has become a premier destination for helping homeowners with everyday lifestyle challenges. Her readers check in daily for help with their homes, DIY project ideas, recipes, crafts, and inspiration to beautify and enjoy their homes.