The Benefits of Using Social Media for your Realty Business

The Benefits of Using Social Media for your Realty Business

 March 28, 2014

Social media has changed the way realtors do business. The days of Yellow Pages, direct mail, and value mailers are starting to become obsolete. Savvy real estate agents are now looking to social media networks for lead generation, sales, and brand building. If you have not been active on social media, it is time to start. Recent studies show that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ have millions and even billions of users. Social media is where the masses are, and it’s where you need to be. Here are some great benefits of using social media for your Realty Business.

Builds Your Reputation

Social media can help you to position yourself as an expert. When you are seen as an industry expert, people trust your advice and judgment. You are able to attract new clients and to grow your business. If you currently have a weak social media presence, increase it by providing your followers with insightful, quality content. Before writing any post or tweet, ask yourself whether your followers will find the information useful. This will help you to keep them engaged. They will begin looking forward to your real estate tweets or posts.

Helps You to Network with Clients and Other Realtors

Another reason you should take advantage of social media is to network with clients and peers. Connecting with your existing and past clients can help you to get new referrals for your business. You can request your readers to share your links or articles at the end of each post. This might help you to connect with people looking to buy houses.

You can also follow Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn accounts of other real estate agents. Join top Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche to learn, engage, and grow. You will be able to meet with online gurus ready to share their knowledge, time, and expertise. You can learn how they market their businesses and ask any real estate questions you might have. Networking with other successful realtors helps you to succeed in the industry.

Help build your realty reputation through networking

Diversifies Your Marketing Efforts

Social media helps you to diversify your marketing efforts. By mixing social media marketing with online advertising, you can take your business to greater heights. You can reach clients you could never have reached with traditional marketing methods. By updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly, you can keep clients informed about your listings.

You can also market your real estate business on YouTube by posting videos. A simple photo slide or a short video can help you to inform subscribers about a new listing. People are visual by nature and respond better to images than text. By regularly displaying images of your new listings, you pique their interest and keep them focused on you. Apart from uploading videos of new listings, you can show videos of your local community, of happy clients who have just found a new home, or of your experiences as you prepare listings before they go live.

iHouse website_add fresh content

Diversify your marketing efforts with a blog and by building a social community

Boosts Website Traffic

Sharing original blog posts and videos in social networking sites helps you to connect with an audience that is hungry for your expertise. Your subscribers and followers can share the information on different social channels expanding the reach even further.

Updating your content regularly helps your website’s ranking to increase. Search engines favor fresh content. When they see that your pages and tabs are being linked to by many sources both on and off social media, they will know they are important and rank your iHouse website highly.

Social media has many excellent benefits. It allows you to give professional advice, network with industry peers, generate leads, and nurture relationships with existing clients. Use it to take your business to the next level and capture your leads effortlessly as your social media leads traffic to your realty business. Take a look at the lead capture feature on iHOUSE.

Ronique Gibson

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