How To Get More Listings With Less Effort

 April 9, 2014

Working hard or hardly working?

This is the most important question that self employed entrepreneurs in the housing industry should be able to answer quickly.

Yeah, you’re making money but how hard are you working to earn those dollar bills?

Here’s 3 tips to help you get more listings with less effort:

#1 – Construction Permits.

This is an extremely effective technique for any real estate agent that wants more listings in a specific area.

One of the best ways to get new listings is to mail post cards or brochures to homeowners that may want to sell their house.

This “direct mail” approach can be effective but it requires time and money as you tweak your mailing list and message in order to get a response.

However, mailing to properties in the area that have obtained construction permits is effective because you are now making contact with a homeowner during a time when they are improving their property.

When they see your mailing, they will be much more likely and “ready” to talk to someone like yourself who is capable of explaining to them what their property is worth in the market today, especially after their renovations are complete.

This makes an excellent segue for you to ask them to list their home for sale and dramatically increases the chances that they’ll say yes.


#2 – Training & Education

As they say the more you want out of something the more you should put into it.

Educating your customers is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and it will passively lead to landing more listings with less effort.

If you don’t think this works consider why Home Depot does its “home improvement” workshops where it teaches the public how to lay tile on a floor or how to paint a cabinet.  They do this because it leads to sales.  After attending people feel almost as if they “owe it” to Home Depot for helping them understand something that peaked their interest.

The same can work for you.

You can educate your potential customers by organizing free workshops about how they can sell their home faster and save money.

If you offer really good advice and useful tips that they can use right away like how to improve curb appeal and how to stage your living room then before you know it you’ll be listing MORE property for sale.


#3 – Look More Professional, ONLINE.

This is one thing that you just can’t negotiate with.  You spend extra time making sure your personal appearance is sharp and professional.

Your business card looks impressive, but then when your clients go your website they are disappointed.  They are not impressed because your static website leaves a lot to be desired.

They can’t see the latest updates to your listings and more importantly YOU can’t monitor what they’re looking at while they’re on your site.

This leads to frustration and no sales.

However, there is a solution, the best tool to solve this “how you look online” problem is an iHOUSE Elite Website and the best thing about it is you can test drive it for free.

Darnell Jackson

By Darnell Jackson

Darnell Jackson has completed over 75 real estate transactions in his career he also founded and several other internet properties. He believes we come from absolute greatness and accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves. Follow Darnell @FreedomMMC on Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.