My First Real Estate Website Lead… Now What?

 April 3, 2014

With your brand spanking new lead generating Real Estate website it can be a very exciting time when you get that first lead through your site. But then you have a thought ‘What do I do next with this lead?’ Don’t worry I have some helpful hints on how to convert that online lead into a sale. The first thing you can do to help you groom that lead into a sale is finding a Real Estate website service that gives you the best tools possible.

Before you even get your first lead you’ll need a great Built-In IDX tool that helps you capture and track your leads. The IDX should allow your customers to search your MLS listings and browse featured listings you are currently working on.  How your IDX works and the experience your client has will ensure that they want to come back to your website and continue to search for their perfect home.

With your Build-In IDX you will have no problem retaining clients to continue to comeback to your website and search for a home. However, once a client signs up for your website what’s the next step you should take? Tools like LeadTracker allow you to look at your current list of clients and see their activity to give you the best information about your clients.  Looking at the listings your clients have already viewed gives you a huge advantage before you even make that first contact. Take the listings the client has looked at and find similar listings that they may not have looked at yet or in areas they may not have even thought of.

When contacting a client for the first time from your website, you should pick up very quickly if they seem interested in or just browsing. If the client is just browsing and doesn’t really want to talk on the phone, don’t worry its not a wasted lead. Continually track the lead seeing if they keep coming back to the website looking for homes. If they continue to comeback for 2 weeks send them an email with some homes that maybe they haven’t looked at yet and if they had any questions you would be happy to answer them.

Lead Funnel Page

Once you have compiled your master list of clients using your LeadTracker and IDX tools you will need a way to keep track of all your clients. With the lead process many of your clients will be in different stages and can sometimes be difficult to track who needs to be contacted right away or who is not interested. That’s where a tool like Lead Funnel can help visualize who needs immediate attention and who is no longer interested. Creating multiple statuses will help you have a single location to look at which clients need your immediate attention. Using Lead Funnel will quickly show you how many new clients you have waiting to be contacted, how many have already been contacted, and who needs a follow-up or specific paperwork.

Robert Warner

By Robert Warner

Robert Warner started with iHOUSEWeb back in 2009 in the Customer Service Department helping over 10,000 clients with all of their Real Estate Website questions. After launching the YouTube training videos for iHOUSEWeb he moved up to the marketing department where he helps design and write marketing materials as well as managing the Social Media side of iHOUSEWeb.