Best Kitchen Appliances for Buyer Appeal and ROI

 May 30, 2014

A kitchen can make the difference between selling a listing or not. An upgraded, attractive kitchen makes a home irresistible while a dull kitchen can make a buyer lose interest. On average, a kitchen remodel usually earns a 70 percent ROI. However, this depends on the features added to the kitchen. It is very important for home sellers to choose appliances that add value and not just beauty. They should choose high-quality, stainless steel appliances instead of professional-grade models. Energy-efficient models also appeal to many homebuyers. Appliances that attract buyers and have a high return on investment include:

The style and amenities of kitchen appliances can have large ROI

The king of appliances – The Refrigerator

A refrigerator works day and night and has a prime spot in the kitchen. While its primary role is to store food, the type and configuration a homeowner chooses can impact his whole kitchen. Refrigerators with French style doors are very appealing to homebuyers. They are large and can accommodate a variety of food items. Some have LCD screens on their panels, interior LED lighting, and many other useful features. Advise sellers to choose refrigerators with Energy Star labels as they use 20% less energy than other refrigerators. This way, they’ll not only get a good return on investment, but they will also appeal to energy conscious homebuyers.

Oven and Stove

A stove is an essential item in modern kitchens. Some homeowners prefer gas stoves while others prefer electric stoves. Replacing an old stove with a modern stove is an excellent way of attracting potential buyers. Modern stoves have many excellent features. They are energy efficient, easy to use, and cook food fast. They consume less energy as they cook food quickly and efficiently. They also add beauty and class to kitchens. Stoves come in different varieties; there are two-burner stoves, three-burner stoves, and four-burner stoves.

Cooking appliances continue to be a sought-after amenity by buyers


Most old microwaves heat food inconsistently. However, modern microwaves reheat and defrost food consistently. They spread heat evenly across the food and do not leave it shriveled up. Some microwaves not only heat and defrost food; they toast cakes, pizzas, and breads to a golden brown. Others can bake and grill and are well worth the money. There are energy-efficient models with a range of surprising features. Other models come in a variety of colors to match any setting.

Dishwashers mean convenience  

Stainless steel is the standard these days. If your clients still have white dishwashers from the 70s, advise them to buy new ones as it will be hard for them to get top dollar for their home. Stainless steel dishwashers also gleam beautifully against burnished wood. Those with Energy Star labels help homeowners to save both water and energy. According to Energy Star, dishwashers made before 1994 waste approximately 10 gallons of water per load. Replacing such dishwashers with energy-efficient ones leads to total utility savings of $40 per year.

Buyers look for high-quality appliances that have plenty of options

Kitchens are focal points in homes where clients have the strongest thoughts and opinions. They are among the most used rooms and must reflect the best of the space. A kitchen remodel project can greatly impact the overall look of a home and make it sell faster. Advise home sellers to buy modern appliances that create a cohesive look. However, tell them to avoid going over the top so as to recoup the costs.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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