How a Real Estate Blog Can Appeal to a Wider Clientele

How a Real Estate Blog Can Appeal to a Wider Clientele

 May 16, 2014

There are two things that matter most to realtors: increasing their client base and establishing themselves as industry leaders. The best way to achieve both is by maintaining an active blog. A blog helps you to connect with homebuyers and sellers in a new way. Studies show that buyers and sellers behave very differently. Buyers are usually very active online when searching for properties. They can browse through hundreds of listings before going to see one in person. They guide themselves through their online search and utilize many sources to look for properties. It is easy to engage buyers from the word go if you have the resources they need.

Sellers, while not as active as buyers online, are always on the lookout for realtors who can get them good, serious buyers for their properties. They always focus on choosing the right agents so as to avoid guiding the selling process. When you present yourself as a skilled and knowledgeable realtor, you win them over.

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Speak to a wider clientele with a personalized blog on your website

Here are some of the ways your iHOUSE blog helps you appeal to a wider clientele.

Helps Potential Clients Establish a Rapport with You

A blog helps buyers and sellers establish a rapport with you long before they meet you personally. Potential clients are able to learn about your knowledge, values, experience, and even interests. This helps them decide if you are someone they can trust with their real estate goals. By the time they approach you, they will have made up their minds about working with you.

A Blog Gives You a Strong Presence Online

Blogging is very important for realtors as the internet is the main tool for studying real estate trends these days. Sellers look for realtors with a strong internet presence and a good knowledge of marketing properties. Some will Google your site to see whether it is highly ranked or hidden under a million others. They will avoid enlisting your services if your site is not easily found online and go for a realtor with a highly ranked website. One way to get high rankings is by posting on your blog regularly.

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Blogs give the opportunity to highlight your expertise

Blogs Help Highlight your Expertise

A blog presents your character to the whole world. It gives readers an insight into the kind of person you are. They are able to discern whether you are ethical and professional or totally incompetent. Buyers and sellers always want realtors who are knowledgeable, responsible, professional, and have their best interests at heart. If you have these qualities, they will come running.

Can Help Convert Traffic to Your Site into Leads

Once your iHOUSE website starts generating traffic, you have an opportunity to convert that into leads. Each blog post you write is an opportunity to generate leads. You can do this by simply adding a call to action to every blog post. You can give free fact sheets, trials, or webinars in exchange for personal information. Once you have the details of potential buyers, you can send them emails whenever new listings come up or when you have new information on listings. You can also send out emails to subscribers whenever you write new blog posts.

A Blog Can Drive Long-Term Results

A single blog post can get you 100 views and 10 leads in a day and more views and leads the following days. Research shows that 70% of traffic generated each month by active blogs is from posts that weren’t published that month. Once a blog post is published, it can generate traffic and leads many years afterwards. One hour of effort can turn into countless views and leads in the future.

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