How Sellers Can Attract Buyers with Colorful Interiors

 May 9, 2014

There are many factors buyers consider before buying a home. While size and location are major ones, the property’s interior color scheme is also an important factor. Colors schemes affect the feel of a room and can make a home easier to sell. It is therefore important to advise home sellers to repaint their interiors before putting their homes on the market. Here’s how sellers can attract buyers with colorful interiors.

Ensure colors are neutral and inviting

Choose Shades that Work Well in Living Rooms

Some colors work better in living rooms than others. Sellers must choose colors that make their living rooms stand out and appeal to buyers. To make the rooms look large and airy, they should choose light and pale colors. To create cozy and warm atmospheres, they should go for dark and intense colors. Tan, beige, and gray are very popular and can make living rooms look feminine or masculine depending on the furnishings they are paired with.

Use Complimentary Colors in the Master Bedroom

Bright colors evoke energy and light and are not relaxing. They are often used in children’s bedrooms and kitchens. However, if too many are used in one area, they can create chaos and stress. Advise homeowners to choose subdued colors when painting their master bedrooms. These create a calm and relaxed feeling and impart a sense of tranquility in the user. Subdued tones include soft blues, grays, and other neutrals.

Use colors that are complimentary

Try Neutral Colors for a Seamless Look

Most homes have rooms which do not enjoy a good amount of sunlight. These include powder rooms, basements, rooms facing north, and rooms without windows. Home sellers should paint these rooms light colors. They should use colors like white, light beige, and pale yellow to give the rooms more light. Other popular shades sellers can use in dark rooms include gold and light neutrals.

Choose Complimentary Colors

While it is a good idea to paint each room a different hue, it is important to choose colors within the same family. Homeowners must use the color wheel to ensure they stay within a complementary or analogous scheme. After painting the first room, they should choose a complementary color scheme for the room right next to it. For example, if the bedroom is painted light blue, they can choose sky blue wallpaper, navy blue wainscoting, and pastel purple window dressing for the hallway.

Avoid All-White Walls

White is a much sought-after color for cabinets and trim. However, it is a shade to steer away from on walls. White walls make everything next to them float visually. The only time white works well is when it is used minimally and mixed with lots of texture and contrast. Instead of choosing white, sellers should opt for subtle neutrals with gray or blue undertones. It is important to have some pigment to complement the colors of the furniture, floors, or rugs.

Use Color in Unexpected Places

Flooring materials like stone, tile, and vinyl come in a wide range of colors to match any décor. Homeowners can choose colorful materials for the floor to set off the room. They can also paint the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls or paint furniture pieces in complementary colors.

An interior color scheme is one of the major considerations in interior design. Color dictates the mood of a room and can augment the beauty of the furnishings. Creating colorful interiors is one of the quickest ways sellers can change the look of their homes. If you want to sell listings fast and get top dollar, share the above tips with your clients.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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