How to Appeal to Home Sellers/Buyers All-Year Around

How to Appeal to Home Sellers/Buyers All-Year Around

 May 23, 2014

Seasonal changes play a major role in selling listings. While many realtors know this fact, they do not use these changes to their advantage. If you want to sell homes during other seasons and not just spring, you have to go the extra mile. Change your iHOUSE website with the seasons and boost your marketing strategy. Potential homebuyers and sellers will take notice and enlist your services. Here are some seasonal changes you can make to your website to sell listings and increase your client base.

Change Images on your Real Estate Website

Homes look different at various times of the year. A photo taken in summer looks totally different from one taken in winter. Make sure you take photos of your listings in different seasons. If you are not a good photographer, get a professional to do the job. In fall, you can target families with school-going children by uploading photos of happy families in new homes. In summer, you can upload curb appeal and landscaping photos.

iHouse photo gallery listings

Create an experience that your readers can relate to

Change Image Descriptions

After uploading new images, the next step is to change their descriptions. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the right description can determine how fast a house sells and how much your client gets for it. A good image description can make buyers give a listing a second look while the wrong one can drive them off in seconds.

When writing image descriptions, focus on capturing the readers and making them want to look at the picture again. You can do this by:

  • Highlighting unseen amenities
  • Pointing out features and brands that buyers covet
  • Giving as many details as you can in a few sentences
  • Using the correct adjectives
  • Avoiding spelling mistakes
  • Providing motivation

Blogging For the Seasons

Blogging can help you change your website to match the seasons. The buds of spring, flowers of summer, leaves of autumn, and snowflakes of winter make for great blog posts. In fall and winter, you can blog about home staging, decorative features, and indoor appliances that appeal to buyers.

In spring, write blog posts about curb appeal, outdoor amenities, spring cleaning, and putting homes on the market. Spring is a busy real estate season when many buyers shop for houses. It is also a time when realtors compete to sell listings.

Summer is a great time to generate leads. Talk about real estate events and festivals in your locality. Add a call to action telling readers to attend these events and learn more about real estate. They will know you have their best interests at heart and will not hesitate to enlist your services.

Change your website images to match with the seasons

Change Themes to Appeal to Buyers

The best time to change your website’s theme is at the start of each new season. You can choose a bright and colorful theme for summer and a cozy one for winter. iHOUSE has numerous customized themes that are easy to edit. You can achieve the perfect look in a matter of seconds and switch easily from one theme to another.

Update Testimonials of Past Clients

As you sell listings at different times of the year, don’t forget to update the testimonials. Encourage clients to share with others how they managed to sell homes during inactive real estate seasons. Testimonials are a great way to prove to sellers that they can sell houses any time of year. They also show buyers that buying houses isn’t just a spring thing.

If you want to sell listings fast and attract more clients, change your iHOUSE site according to the seasons. Show homes at their best at different times of the year. You will be greatly rewarded for the time and effort you put in.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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