How to Manage Your Office Listings

 May 27, 2014

Many brokers have one or more agents working in their office. When you have an iHOUSE Office Package you’re able to include the listings of your agents as well as your own on the office website.

You do this by giving each agent their own agent website. Then you have a couple of choices:

  1. Agents manage their own listings
  2. You manage all the office listings in one place

When the agents manage their own listings

When you let the agents manage their own listings the process is pretty simple and can be done in two steps.

  1. Create an Agent Website for each of your agents.
  2. Make sure to turn on the Share Listing setting for each agent’s site.

Now their listings will show up on both their site and on your office website. You will, of course, have to make sure they understand how to setup and manage their own listings. You will be able to access any agent’s site to handle any problems.

You manage all listings in one place

The second option is for you to do all the management of the listings. This too is quit straight forward:

  1. Make sure ‘share listings’ is turned off on both the office site and on your agent’s sites.
  2. On your office website administration page, select Find Your Office Listings
  3. As you find each agent’s listings, select it, and, one by one, move through all your agents. Don’t forget yourself. iHOUSE ELITE now also offers the option to find all of your offices listings at once.

Now all your office listings will appear on your office website.

Note, if you end up seeing duplicate listings it’s probably because ‘shared listings’ didn’t get turned off. In other words, you can’t combine these two methods, it’s one or the other.

Time involved in either method

Obviously, if you can get your agents to efficiently and consistently manage their own listings, you won’t have to put in much time. At least not after they are all set up and trained.

On the other hand, if you’re managing all the listings, depending on the number of listings your office gets in a week or a month, you may be spending a lot of time managing the website that you’d rather be spending doing something else.

Even though iHOUSE websites are designed to minimize the amount of time you or any of your agents needs to spend on making them work, they do need some attention. There’s no way to say that when you have X number of agents and/or X number of listings you should get yourself a computer guy or gal.

You may already have someone who is updating your office computers and making sure they run smoothly who can also help with the websites. It’s something to keep in mind as your business grows.

Which method are you using in your office? Tell your story in comments.


Anne Wayman

By Anne Wayman

Before Anne Wayman became a writer she sold real estate in Southern California. She worked with her father who learned the business from his father. Not surprisingly she learned a few things along the way. Since then, she has been freelance writing for over 30 years – she is a grandmother, loves cats and writes about a wide variety of topics including real estate.