Easy Ways to Update Outdoor Patio Decks

Easy Ways to Update Outdoor Patio Decks

 June 6, 2014

First impressions are everything. Homebuyers usually judge a house by the way it looks outside. If it is unkempt, they won’t be eager to see what’s inside. If it looks stunning, they’ll want to see the interior and might make a speedy offer. Even if you are able to sell listings fast and for full asking price, it is still important to tell your sellers to spruce up their homes to show that they are worth every penny. One way they can do this is by updating their outdoor patio decks. Here’s how to do it.

Cleaning, Repairing, and Staining

A solid foundation is crucial for any deck. Before sellers make any cosmetic changes to their decks, they must repair them. Even well-planned changes cannot hide dirty, grimy boards or a deck in disrepair. Sellers should repair their decks and restain them to ensure they stand up better against the elements.

New Furniture

New patio furniture can give a deck a whole new look. Patio furniture comes in a wide selection and ranges from cheap to expensive. Sellers with a limited budget can add small, interesting pieces with color and texture while those with a large budget can get fancy, elegant furniture. Furniture made of aluminum, steel, hardwood, and recycled plastic is a top choice for outdoor spaces. Patio furniture with storage very is appealing to buyers. This is because it can be used to store toys outdoor games, décor, and other things. Some built-in benches usually come with storage space and can be easily constructed by professionals or DIY enthusiasts. The benches can be made to look like sections of the deck for added appeal.

Wooden Pergola

A wooden pergola is a lovely addition to any patio deck. When covered with an outdoor fabric, it creates the perfect entertaining spot in any kind of weather. Advise sellers to look for sturdy coverings that can withstand heavy rainfall. One good option is a roof frame outfitted with transparent polycarbonate panels.

Enclosing your Patio

A gate, railing, or other entry feature can transform a deck into a safe and cozy enclosure. Sellers trying to attract buyers with families should make this update. Additionally, a railing provides a platform for bird feeders, birdbaths, and fitted planters. Homeowners can top their railings with ledges to ensure they double as spots for setting drinks. Besides enhancing a deck’s safety and appearance, railings can make a fashion statement. Sellers should buy items like ball tops or decorative spindles to beautify their railings.

Plants can Brighten your Deck

Whether bursting with foliage or flowers, plants can brighten up an area and soften a deck’s edges. Homeowners with wooden decks should hang the pots, place them on bricks, or use other supports to ensure they don’t touch the floor. Water from plants can affect the floor and lead to wood rot.

Use plants and decor to brighten the patio

Weatherproof Sound System

A weatherproof sound system is a great finishing touch to any outdoor patio deck. It attracts buyers who love to entertain. Sellers can connect the system’s wires and place the speakers out of the way to minimize unwanted foot traffic. A sound system creates a great party atmosphere during the warmer months of the year.

Lighting your Deck

Some buyers like to survey properties at night to see how they look and to determine how safe the neighborhoods are. Sellers who want to attract more buyers must choose the perfect lighting for their decks. Lighting creates an ambience and also makes an area feel safe. Outdoor patio decks are living spaces that serve different functions. They can be used for dining, relaxing, or entertaining. Share the above tips with your sellers to help them update their homes and attract more buyers.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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