Important Home Staging Tips for Family-Friendly Homes

 June 13, 2014

Staging is the only way to sell listings quickly in this flooded real estate market. Apart from cleaning the clutter, sellers must take into account many other factors. If they have a family home and are looking to attract buyers with families, they must make it family-friendly. The secret is to appeal to both the adults and children. Take a look at these staging tips for family-friendly homes.

Bring in natural light into all rooms

Family Rooms Must Be Well-Organized

A family room is where most families spend their time. It should be cozy and comfortable and make buyers want to sit down and relax. Sellers should place furniture strategically to make buyers picture themselves living in the home. They should also choose items that appeal to buyers’ sense of sight and touch. Advise sellers to make their family room comfy so that buyers can see it as a gathering place for their families. They should make it look open, large, and welcoming. The room should also have a small play area for kids and a lounging place for adults if possible.

Bedrooms Should Be Beautifully-Appointed

Stylish bedroom décor is essential for family-friendly homes. Closets must be organized and not overstuffed as they imply that there isn’t enough storage space. The rooms must have a source of natural light to avoid looking dull and uninviting. A master bedroom should have the bed as the focal point. This can be enhanced by bedside tables and lamps. The tables and lamps must be of equal size to create a uniform look. Children’s bedrooms should be spacious and livable. They should have a theme like sports, athletics, or cartoons. Themed rooms are striking and appeal to both parents and children. Homeowners should remove toys which cause clutter and make the space look personal.

Child-Friendly Details Are Essential:

Sellers must place child-friendly artwork and accessories in different areas of the home to create a family-friendly abode. For example, they can create a gallery in the family room by mixing basic wood frames with hand-drawn frames.

Rooms should feel welcoming to all, especially kids!

Choose Welcoming & Neutral Paint Colors 

Painting can upgrade a room quickly and easily. Sellers must choose paint colors that show off a room’s best features. Rich, neutral colors are perfect for living rooms as they make the area feel warm. They also work well in adult rooms as they enhance the aura of relaxation. Adults mostly use their bedrooms as sanctuaries or serene getaways so homeowners should take this into consideration. If they would like to use a bold color, advise them to use it on accents such as lamps, bedding, and throw pillows. They can also use a wall shade with a hint of a bold color, such as white with a hint of peach. Bold colors are great for children’s rooms as they spell energy and excitement. These include hot pink, orange, turquoise, yellow, and green. Homeowners should choose colors that attract both boys and girls and avoid alienating buyers by making the room feel one-sided.

Don’t Forget About Flooring:

Homeowners should remove light-colored carpets as these can put off potential buyers with small children and pets. Buyers will think of the added expenses they’ll have to incur in order to change or replace the carpets. Sellers should replace such pieces with family-friendly flooring options. Additionally, they can add rugs to the family room to make it cozier. Staging refers to “setting the stage” for prospective buyers so they can picture themselves living in the home. Sellers staging family-friendly homes must make them look comfortable and inviting to appeal to a wider range of buyers. Staged family homes make your job easy and enable sellers to get good offers.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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