Budget Warm Weather Home Improvements Ideas

Budget Warm Weather Home Improvements Ideas

 July 25, 2014

First impressions are everything to buyers. The good thing is that home improvements don’t have to break the bank; even minor ones can make a big difference. If your sellers are on a tight budget, advise them to make these season-appropriate changes in order to sell their homes fast.

Create an outdoor experience that is welcomed

Mow the Lawn

An overgrown lawn looks like a bad haircut. Homeowners should cut the grass, clean paths and walkways, trim bushes, and get rid of clutter. A beautiful lawn is easy on the eyes and brightens up a buyer’s perception of a home. Additionally, freshly-cut grass has a lovely scent and reminds people of summer and warm homes.

Create an Appealing Landscape

Plants, flowers, and bushes can give an exterior all-season cheer. Bright flowers can make a lawn look more luxurious and also attract wildlife such as butterflies and birds. Shrubs and plants can act as natural fences and add privacy while creating a homely atmosphere.

Home sellers should enliven their landscaping by laying down fresh soil or mulch. They can plant flowers along the paths or cluster them as a mini-garden. Different flowers bloom well in different regions hence homeowners should choose the right ones. For the best effect, they should plant flowers that bloom at different intervals.

Fix the Roof

Spring is a perfect time to make sure things are in order as harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on roofs. Sellers should take an inventory of winter damage after the snow and ice has melted. They should seal cracks caused by ice, remove fallen branches, and repair shingles.

Spring & Summer Cleaning

Spring  & Summer cleaning is an inexpensive home improvement idea that is very effective. It can brighten up the exterior colors and do away with the need for paint. To stretch the current paint job, sellers should clean the layer of dust that dulls the hue and finish. For intensive cleaning, they can hire a pressure washer.

Advise homeowners to wipe off visible dirt and grime especially near the entryway where buyers can easily see it. They should wash windows to let in more sunlight and to give their homes a fresh look. They should also clear gutters and the drainage system to keep rainwater flowing smoothly.

Revamp the front door with new paint/stain and a fresh welcome mat

Revamp the Front Door

The front door is both a passageway and a barrier and should be a focus of home improvement efforts. Sellers should clean their front doors to a shine and ensure they are free of cracks and peeling paint. They should repaint the doors if necessary and choose a bright color that will brighten up the overall look. Doorknobs should not be overlooked. They are inexpensive but are a lasting upgrade. They should be replaced with newer ones that feel solid in the hand.

Get Rid of Seasonal Pests

Tell sellers to walk around their homes and survey any obvious property damage. During winter, animals can burrow into a home. They can also get in through holes, roof breaches, and window cracks in the basement and attic. Homeowners should get rid of such animals by sealing holes and filing in cracks. They should also keep bugs away by pulling weeds growing near the foundation of their homes.

Create the experience before arriving at the front door

Emphasize Small Details

Small details can make a home stand out. Home sellers should craft a personality for their homes using small details and decorations. For example, they can replace worn out address numbers with new decorative ones. They can also add antique lights or torches to their entryways. These are easily found in flea markets and garage sales. Repainting shutters also makes a big difference. Homeowners can repaint their shutters in vibrant, coordinating colors to make their homes the bright spots in the neighborhood.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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