How iHOUSE Office Products Can Benefit Your Team

How iHOUSE Office Products Can Benefit Your Team

 August 1, 2014

If you are a busy REALTOR, you need a website that offers an all-in-one solution. The iHOUSE Elite Office website is a great choice. It allows you to focus on your core business and avoid spending hours customizing your website. It has all the features you need to take your business to the next level. Some of its benefits include:

Agents Can Create Their Own Websites

The iHOUSE Elite Office website allows your agents to create their own websites. You can add up to five agent websites for free and pay an extra fee to add more. The websites are housed under the main site but each operates independently.

iHouse Office Products Agents

The iHOUSE Office Products keep your team connected but individual

Share an IDX Service

If your website has an IDX service, you can share it with your agents. The service allows visitors to your site and your agents’ sites to search an MLS quickly. They are able to see extensive data about properties without having to go to major real estate portals.

Agents without Domains Can Be Included in the System

You can add the listings and aliases of agents without domains. The iHOUSE Elite Office website is capable of maintaining listings by several agents. All you need to do is look for an MLS listing under the agent’s alias and the website will automatically pick their other listings.

Share Listings with Agents

Once you’ve added an agent, you can turn on the share listings button to allow sharing of listings posted on their site. Your agents can also click on the share listings button from their end. This feature is very important as it makes listings more visible to clients.

iHouse Office Products Agents Leads

Share leads with team members in your office

Multiple MLS Listings Can Be Added to Agents’ Websites Easily

Your iHOUSE Elite Office website makes it easy for you to add multiple MLS listings to an agent’s site. Simply enter an active MLS number by that agent that’s been in the system for more than 48 hours. The website will locate the agent’s alias and listings and add the information to his website. All future listings by that agent will be added to his site automatically.

Clients Can Easily Know Who They Are Working With

You can create profiles to let clients know who they are dealing with. You can add agents, office managers, salespeople, and even owners of the company. This information appears in the agent directory page of the main website. In the directory, each agent profile has a button that can link clients to a specific page. Clients can also see which listings belong to the specific agent.

iHouse Office Products Agents Directory

Clients can see an entire office through the team directory

Automatically Distribute Leads to Agents

If you have the iHOUSE Elite Office package with IDX, you can automatically distribute leads to your agents with the Round Robin feature. This makes work easy for you as you don’t have to distribute the leads manually. Make sure the feature is turned on and change your agents’ settings to ensure they receive leads automatically.

Round Robin will make sure that all leads are evenly distributed. However, it only works if agent profiles and websites are correctly set up.

Agents Can Be Notified of New Leads and Listings Quickly

The Agent LeadTracker feature notifies your agents of new leads and new listings added to their websites. With just a single click, you can ensure the system automatically assigns new leads to each agent.

Password Protected Documents Page

Unlike iHOUSE Elite agent websites, iHOUSE Elite Office websites have password protected pages. You can add a general page description for your clients to see when they click on a page. You can also upload PDF files or documents from your computer to the page or from your website’s file manager. Your clients won’t have permission to access the page or download the files without the password.

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