How iHOUSE Can Help You Run Your Real Estate Business Solo

How iHOUSE Can Help You Run Your Real Estate Business Solo

 September 2, 2014

Running your real estate business alone is no easy task. However, your iHOUSE Elite website can make the task effortless. iHOUSE websites are packed with marketing tools that help you to make the most of your business. They give you full control and help make business decisions easier. Some excellent benefits iHOUSE include:

It Helps You to Develop a Strong Web Presence

Many realtors have difficulty developing a web presence. Some never blog while others are not active online. iHOUSE Elite websites have customized blogs that help you to communicate with buyers and sellers personally. They help you to generate leads and turn them into sales. Homebuyers and sellers are always looking for realtors with a strong web presence. If your site is highly ranked, they will not hesitate to enlist your services.

Auto-Update Listings

iHOUSE allows you to auto-update listings to keep your website current. Any information you update on the MLS automatically appears on your site. You are able to provide precise information to buyers searching for homes on different websites.

iHouse Web Presence_MLS Searches

Develop a presence online without hiring a large team

It Allows You to Manage Your Time Better

Most real estate agents have difficulty working alone because they have poor time management skills. Your iHOUSE Elite website helps you to use your time wisely. It has many features you can use to multitask and save valuable time.

Listing Syndication

Listing syndication gives your listings the best exposure for minimum effort. At the mere click of a button, you are able to distribute listings to major real estate portals like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and Yahoo! Real Estate. Research shows that these sites get millions of visitors per month. By using the listing syndication feature, you are able to attract leads and spark the interest of prospective buyers.

Connect with Prospective Clients on Social Networks

Whether you are a social media guru or are unfamiliar with social networks, social media broadcasts come in handy. They help you to publish your listings directly to social networks and avoid doing it manually. They save you plenty of time, decrease your tasks, and help you to connect with potential clients.

Monitor Leads

Leads are very important to realtors. To monitor yours, make use of the LeadTracker feature on your iHouse Elite site. You can log in to check who visited your site, what they searched for, their saved listings, and the specific time they logged in. LeadTracker helps you to avoid guesswork and follow up on genuine leads.

iHouse Web Generate leads

Keep track of your leads easily

Save Searches

Determining which type of homebuyers and sellers visit your site every day is not easy. Your iHOUSE Elite website allows you to save searches and turn them into pages. You can use these to create customized searches for different demographic groups. Targeting specific niches makes your marketing plan more focused than targeting broader niches.

Display Listing Enhancements and Post Open Houses

The image gallery tool makes it easy for you to display recent pictures of listings. This way, visitors to your site can see the changes your clients have made to their homes. The useful tool also allows you to post open houses. Open houses help you to make a connection with clients who are new to the selling process. They also help you to attract early stage buyers. Your iHOUSE Elite website is filled with cutting edge features that can help you to run your business single-handedly. They help you to create a strong online presence and satisfy your real estate business needs. Make use of them and take your business to the next level. You’ll be more than glad you did.

Why not tree out the iHOUSE Elite website for a risk-free trial? Sign up on the iHOUSE website and see how easy it is to run your real estate business.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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