How to Multitask Effectively with iHOUSE Realty Website Options

 September 10, 2014

As a busy realtor, you most likely multitask on your tablet or Smartphone on a daily basis. Multitasking is a necessity for any realtor who wants to be successful. In the hectic world of real estate, it can make the difference between selling a listing or not. You may have numerous features on your iHOUSE Elite website, but they can make your work harder if you don’t know how to use them. Here’s how you can simplify work and make multitasking a breeze.

Ensure you use all of your iHOUSE ‘tools’ to help your clients sell/buy a home

Use Social Media Options to Broadcast your Latest Updates

Realtors are among the best marketers in offline environments. They can interact with clients on a personal level, connect with the local real estate market, and immerse themselves in community projects. However, some do not fare so well in online environments. They are unfamiliar with the workings of different sites or may not have enough time to keep updating listings. This is where social media broadcasts come in. Social media broadcasts can help you to publish your listings directly to social networks so you don’t have to do it manually. They make your work easier and connect you with potential clients who may not have heard about your site.

Use social media to attract and keep current with your clients

Use LeadTracker to Monitor Lead Activity

LeadTracker is a tool that helps you to monitor leads and follow up on them. It helps you to connect with potential clients who have already visited your website. When you log into your admin menu, you’ll see the activity of people who have logged into your website including the specific date and time they logged in. By clicking the LeadTracker button and checking client database, you’ll be able to see the details of all the clients who logged in. You can change settings to show new leads, old leads, hot leads, and other specifications. You can also send any of the clients an email. The beauty of LeadTracker is that you can click on a client’s name and see how many times they’ve visited your site, their saved listings, searches, and any notes you’ve added about them. You can also check their recent activity and add them directly to your website if you so wish.

Syndicate Listings Easily

Listing syndication helps you to get the largest amount of exposure for your listings. It allows you to auto-update listings on the MLS even when you are on the go. The information you update on the MLS is automatically reflected on your iHOUSE website. This saves you a lot of time and helps you to avoid cases of double entry. Syndication helps you to manage listings easily. It ensures that your data stays consistent on different listing sites. The feature copies your listing information to major real estate portals each time you make an update or post a new listing.

Use the Auto-Update Feature

The auto-update listings feature makes work easy for you. Make sure it is enabled or you will be forced to add listings manually. The feature allows your website to automatically add updated or new listings from the MLS.

Save Searches

Your iHOUSE Elite website allows you to save custom searches and convert them into pages. You can create a custom search based on the criteria you think might appeal to potential homebuyers. For instance, if you know that many visitors to your website are looking for beach houses, you can create a custom search with listings relating to that specific criterion. You can create a landing page with active listings and then market them. Since you will be targeting a specific niche, your marketing will be more focused than if you were targeting a broader niche.

Signing up for an iHOUSE Elite website couldn’t be easier! Try a free trial of the site to check out all the features.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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