How to Get Referrals as a Real Estate Agent

 October 27, 2014

Referrals are the golden grail of sales.

If you only remember one thing from this article remember this, “Advertising leads to LEADS, referrals leads to SALES.”

This is why referrals are so important, here’s how to get some:

#1 – Online Reviews

Every day more people than the previous day access the internet for the first time.

NO, all the grandmas haven’t made it quite yet.

This means what they say online about you carries as much weight if not more than what they used to say offline.

Here’s what I mean.

If someone posts a positive review of  your service online then it lives on, day after day creating a perpetual positive impression about you and your service even though the person only posted the review once.

This is why it’s critical to make positive impressions with your clients and prospects and when you sense that they’re impressed with you, ask them to rate or recommend you online.

A great way to steer them in this direction is with your website which not only integrates your MLS listings but engages with your prospects on social media.


#2 – Q&A Forums

A great way to get recognition as a profession and to acquire referrals is to help people on popular Q&A forums.

Real estate sites like trulia, zillow, etc have a built in feature where agents and home buyers converse over all things real estate.

Spending some time helping people by answering questions will only lead to one thing eventually, REFERRALS.


#3 – Help other Real Estate Agents.

A very effective but some what counter intuitive way to generate referrals is to give your peers a reason to recommend you.

Create resources, guides, and other useful information and share it on your site.

Create a presentation about the neighborhood that you specialize in and share facts that no one else would know.

Document culture, history, and the latest happenings in the community and before long people who you may have thought were your competitors will be helping you with referrals.


Darnell Jackson

By Darnell Jackson

Darnell Jackson has completed over 75 real estate transactions in his career he also founded and several other internet properties. He believes we come from absolute greatness and accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves. Follow Darnell @FreedomMMC on Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.