How to Make Time for Life and Business

 October 20, 2014

Leaving a closing with a commission check is one of the best feelings in the world.

If you talk to most agents closing a deal is a just cause for a mini celebration, for some it’s a quick trip out-of-town for others its a visit to their favorite restaurant.

However, after the euphoric feeling of sublime accomplishment wares off the reality of getting back to work kicks in as well as the many issues that are happening in your life.

This is when that overwhelming feeling starts to set in like you’ll never have enough time to do “anything”.

Here’s some tips on how to manage through this.


#1 – Waste Times = Wasted Dimes

Successful agents are naturally social people, they love to chat it up with anybody about anything.

This can be good when you’re talking to your clients and prospects but this is a huge problem when you’re on the phone for an hour talking politics with your broker “pal,” Al.

The truth is, blabbering on the phone is a huge time waster that professionals don’t talk about much but it deserves attention.

If you’re not where you want to be as an agent put the phone down and get to work.


#2 How To Find Time

Think about it like this.

If an agent works 250 days in a year and saves 15 minutes per day that’s 3,750 minutes or 62.5 hours per year.

As you can see those minutes add up quickly don’t they?

Just 15 minutes saved per day could buy you enough time to take an entire week off and you thought you didn’t have time to take a vacation.



#3 – Use Tools to Save Time

As an entrepreneur you have to self regulate and govern yourself accordingly.

No one else is going to do this for you–although your broker might try.

You can choose to invest your time into time wasting activities such as gaming or endless movie watching or you can invest in modern tools that will save you time which after all is money.

> Get a quality smartphone with a highly rated national carrier such as Verizon so you don’t miss calls and don’t have to waste more time returning voicemails and playing phone tag which annoys everyone.

> Keep your “to-do” list short by automating your marketing efforts with a proven integrated system that seamlessly manages your MLS listings and helps you promote them on social media all while helping you capture leads and grow your business.



Darnell Jackson

By Darnell Jackson

Darnell Jackson has completed over 75 real estate transactions in his career he also founded and several other internet properties. He believes we come from absolute greatness and accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves. Follow Darnell @FreedomMMC on Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.