Home Staging Tips to Avoid Before Buyers Come

Home Staging Tips to Avoid Before Buyers Come

 November 21, 2014

Home staging can make a house look spectacular if done right. However, it can scare off buyers if done wrongly. In today’s cutthroat real estate market, sellers must learn the art of staging in order to stand out from the competition. Proper staging makes buyers picture themselves in the space. Share the following tips with your sellers to help them avoid the common mistakes most homeowners make.

Don’t over stage the home or it won’t look livable

Over Staging the Home

This is one of the major mistakes most homeowners make unknowingly. Ask sellers to hire professional home stagers or to carry out some research if they are cash-strapped. It is hard for a homeowner to spot overstaging and this is why professional help is important. For example, most sellers don’t know that setting a dining table for a stylish 10-dinner party is going over-the-top.

Ignoring Clutter

Show prospective buyers a home filled with clutter and they’ll be falling over themselves to get out. Clutter prevents buyers from seeing the positive aspects of a home. Remind homeowners that buyers won’t see their homes the way they see them. Rooms that might seem neat and organized to them may look cluttered to buyers. They should therefore enlist the help of a friend or professional who will give an honest opinion on what should stay and what should go.

Decluttering will ensure the room looks larger and inviting

Leaving the Home Vacant

Some sellers leave their homes vacant thinking that they look more spacious that way. However, the opposite is true. The homes actually appear smaller because there is no furniture buyers can use as a basis for comparison. In addition, buyers will be able to scrutinize the rooms as there is nothing to grab their attention. Advise sellers with vacant homes to stage them using simple furniture pieces.

Ignoring the Major Defects

Not many people can see the potential of a home that is in need of repairs and updates. Sellers should carry out minor repairs and tell buyers about any major defects. While staging is all about highlighting the best aspects of a home, homeowners must not hide the major defects. They should make buyers aware of anything that may risk their safety and health.

Neglecting the Exterior

Outdoor entertaining is increasing in popularity by the day and exterior spaces must not be overlooked. A home with great curb appeal and a cozy backyard can turn lookers into buyers in an instant. Sellers should mow their lawns, plant flowers, and add furniture to create gorgeous exteriors. They should create outdoor spaces buyers can picture themselves relaxing in.

Don’t neglect the exterior of the house

Using Unbelievable Artificial Props

Using artificial props such as food and flowers can look unprofessional. Tell homeowners to always display fresh flowers or plants in beautiful pots. The pots are ideal for those who don’t like replacing flowers often. Many houseplants can easily grow in pots or many higher end silk plants can be placed amongst real foliage.

Decorating with Personal or Controversial Items

Nothing drives buyers away faster than controversial items. Sellers should stage their homes with all buyers in mind and seek to attract as many buyers as possible. Advise them to avoid displaying items with religious or political connotations as they may offend and alienate some potential buyers. Those on limited budgets can make their own decorations for little to no cost.

Home staging has become an integral part of real estate. It is something sellers can no longer afford to ignore. It not only helps you to get better photos for your listings, it also helps homeowners to prepare themselves for moving. As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a great first impression.” Advice your sellers to avoid these home staging mistakes and you’ll make a great first impression on all your buyers.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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