How to Motivate Buyers or Sellers to Contact You Now

 December 26, 2014

Cold calling for clients is the most hated pain in the “__________”  activity for any entrepreneur and real estate is no different.

It’s supposed to work awesomely well, due to the “numbers game” nature of conversions.

Call 100 “prospects” and get maybe one or two new potential clients.

The problem is these potential clients don’t always pan out, so now what do you do?

Well, most experienced agents will tell you to go the Interruption marketing or “advertising” route as it is more commonly known.

Interruption marketing is as the radio and TV ads say,

“Please Excuse this Interruption of your Regularly Scheduled Program for an Important Message from Our Sponsors” 

Unless you have an unlimited budget you really need to make your message count here’s some tips to close the deal when clients respond to your ads:

Social Proof

Marketing is to psychology as dough is to pizza, you just can’t do one well without the other.

The strongest concept of psychology that you need to understand when it comes to advertising is social proof.

This is the phenomenon that has long been established where people will follow what they see other people doing.

So, when you run your ads make sure you show off your testimonials from recent customers who are very happy with your service and the results that you provide.

This naturally eases the concerns that new clients will have of “dealing with someone THEY don’t know” and it also removes the largest barrier preventing them from contacting you.


Expert Analysis

Taking time to make complex concepts simple and easy to understand is a great way to motivate clients to contact you.

Since most people buy a home with a mortgage explaining the mortgage qualification process is a great way to help your prospects in a meaningful way which will naturally leave them feeling as if they “owe you one” for the help.

Also, holding workshops that explain the best way to buy an investment property at a deep discount are effective methods of building trust which later will motivate your prospects to call you when they’re ready to sell or buy their next property.

The most effective way to do this is to use your website to share relevant information and then point your advertisements to these “special reports.”


Darnell Jackson

By Darnell Jackson

Darnell Jackson has completed over 75 real estate transactions in his career he also founded and several other internet properties. He believes we come from absolute greatness and accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves. Follow Darnell @FreedomMMC on Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.