Why Hiring A Home Inspector Before the Sale Is Essential

 January 12, 2015

A home inspection offers many advantages to both buyers and sellers. It can highlight the assets and reveal hidden flaws. Actually, it is so important that 85% of buyers who apply for mortgages ask for it. However, many sellers wait for buyers to take the initiative despite knowing that a home inspection can make or break the deal. The truth is that every seller can benefit from a home inspection. Here are some great reasons why your clients should hire home inspectors.

Before the sale is final – hire a home inspector

It Reassures Potential Buyers

Even after one or two showings, buyers rarely know what to expect from a home. They may envision termites gnawing at the rustic log cabin or flawed wiring behind the faux-finished walls. A pre-inspection helps them to know that no bad surprises are in store. It is a goodwill gesture that shows a readiness to go beyond what’s expected. They might not waive a follow-up inspection, but they will feel better about placing a bid.

It Saves Money and Time

Home inspectors have been known to find red flags even in new and completely renovated homes. On receiving the final report, sellers can choose to make the necessary repairs or adjust the price accordingly. They can settle on a solution that works for them and for the buyers. Pre-inspections also give sellers more time to compare the prices of different contractors. They can avoid spending heavily on unpredictable repair costs like structural work or mold remediation.


Adds To the Longevity of a Home

Just like bodies, homes need regular physical evaluation. A home inspection increases the integrity and longevity of a home. Buildings age over time and experience different problems. An inspection can draw attention to minor defects before they turn into costly repairs. Home inspectors can direct homeowners to proper contractors for repairs and offer possible solutions to the problems discovered during inspection.

Prevents Repeat Repairs

Even the handiest seller can misdiagnose a problem.  He can end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary repairs he could have easily avoided. For example, a homeowner may hire a plumber to replace his faulty toilet only to discover later that the problem was in the septic system. A pre-inspection helps a seller to avoid doing double-duty as the inspector can identify the problem and recommend a solution.

Market the Property from the Report Results

The report given by the home inspector can be used as a marketing tool. For example, if a home has only one small defect, a seller can use the report to show buyers that his home is well-maintained. The report can also help buyers to save money if they decide to accept it as sufficient for their needs.

Helps Sellers Set a Price

Sellers’ final selling prices are determined before the inspectors set foot in their homes. However, those who haven’t had their homes inspected have many questions running through their minds. They are worried that they may have to lower their asking prices if major problems are uncovered or that buyers will lose interest once they see the pending repairs. A pre-sale home inspection can help sellers eliminate these doubts and gain more confidence. It helps them to present their properties in the best marketable condition.

Any serious buyers will make offers based on home inspections. The home inspectors they hire may find a range of problems or hidden defects that can make them rethink their decisions or lower their offers. Sellers can avoid this by ensuring their homes are inspected before buyers make offers. Tell your clients to hire professional inspectors before selling their homes to prevent buyers from taking advantage of them later.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

Ronique Gibson is an Associate Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, who has been in the design industry for over 13 years. She started her design blog in 2009 and today it has become a premier destination for helping homeowners with everyday lifestyle challenges. Her readers check in daily for help with their homes, DIY project ideas, recipes, crafts, and inspiration to beautify and enjoy their homes.