Release Notes – 2015.02.19

Bug Fixes

  • Custom form “thank you message” not being sent Fixed bug in thank you message for custom forms where the thank you email wasn’t going out.

  • Editing End User Information Fixed the error handler message in Client Details section in the admin menu.
  • Template Glitch Fixed a z-indexing issue where the ‘NEW’ icon in the Featured Listings section was overlapping the subnav dropdowns. Crimson Tide template.

  • Featured Listings link Fixed the color of the address links on the featured listings page for Translucent Blues Office template and other similar templates.

  • Facebook share for open graph fix Fixed the Open Graph meta data for when sharing listings on Facebook so the right photo and information displays.

  • Help Center link updated The admin menu help center link now points to the solutions page instead of the less helpful dashboard.

  • Phone number marked as required The admin menu “Add Client” from required phone number to be provided, but did not have it marked as required.

  • link update Updated the default link built into sites.

  • “Last Visit” information improved LeadTracker shows a last visit date for clients when available. On child accounts this did not consider visits to the parent site even though such visits would be displayed in the “Visits” tab for the client.  This has been corrected.

  • Validation added for Google Analytics verification codes It was possible to enter data into the verification code field that would break home page layouts.

  • Registered date reinstated on LeadTracker clients view The registered date was accidentally removed from the LeadTracker clients view.

  • PPC Traffic Report screen fixed An errant code change broke the PPC traffic report.  This has been fixed.

  • Classic Statement billing address updated The iHOUSE Classic statement screen was still using the old Davis billing address.

  • Prevent authentication issues when editing blogs Fixed a case where you could be inadvertently logged out while editing and viewing blog posts.