Ensuring the Pool is Ready For an Open House

Ensuring the Pool is Ready For an Open House

 March 6, 2015

As the days begin to get warmer, it’s time for sellers to prepare their homes for summer. Summer buyers focus on both indoor and outdoor amenities so it is important for sellers to focus on their exteriors. Those with swimming pools should get them ready for open houses to ensure they captivate buyers from the word go. Beautiful swimming pools invite buyers to jump in for a swim and make them picture themselves in the space. Sellers can get their pools ready for open houses in the following ways.

Filling Them with Water

Homeowners must not leave their pools empty during the selling process. While pools need to be emptied every 3-5 years to stop extreme build-up of fluids, they can rise up and come out of the ground if they are left empty for a long time. The load of the water helps keep them from being pushed up by an elevated ground water table. Sellers due to drain their pools should refill them as soon as possible.

Removing Pool Cover

Sellers should remove the winter covers they had put on their pools and get rid of any debris and leaves on top. They should also remove leaves and debris from the surrounding patio or deck. They should drain any water on top of the cover and not pour it in the pool as this can affect the pool water balance considerably. A pump can come in handy in removing water sitting on the cover.

Examine the Condition of the Water

After lying unused for a long period, a pool gathers dirt and debris which may affect the appearance of the water. Sellers should examine their pools’ water and water levels when summer starts. They can glide the surfaces with skim nets to prevent the water from being cloudy. If the water remains cloudy, it means that there is still some dirt and debris in the pool. Tell sellers to examine the area for silt deposits and search for moss and algae. They can vacuum the pool to prevent the particles from going into the filtration system and clogging it up.

Swimming pools with inviting blue waters are very appealing. Homeowners should clean their pools often to ensure that they maintain a blue shade. Dirt and debris accumulate very quickly in pools especially in areas surrounded by trees.

Testing the Water

It is important to test the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as this helps a homeowner to determine whether he needs to drain the pool or fill it. Some areas have hard water (water filled with minerals and calcium) which causes buildup and hinders pool chemicals from doing their jobs. In some areas, the amount of calcium and minerals may be so high that the pool may need to be drained and filled with clean water for it to respond to the chemicals.

Taking Safety Measures

An open house attracts many buyers so it is important for sellers to prioritize safety. They should check all safety items and gear related to pool safety. They should also keep fully equipped first aid kits and ensure that all cleaning equipment is in working order. If the pool has a gate with a latch, it should be closed to prevent accidental access.

Preparing a pool for an open house shouldn’t be a difficult process; it should be a stress-free event. Advise sellers to cover their pools in winter and to protect the pumps in order to make the opening day as trouble-free as possible. Buyers usually examine things thoroughly at open houses so nothing must be left to chance. Tell sellers to present their pools in the best way to reach maximum buyer appeal.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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