Helpful Tips to Help Home Listing Photos Stand Out

Helpful Tips to Help Home Listing Photos Stand Out

 May 15, 2015

Nothing can help a home sell faster than great photos. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Your listing may be breathtaking, but it won’t sell if the listing photos aren’t great. Listing photos should be bright and welcoming in order to attract prospective buyers. They should make them want to jump at the chance of seeing the property. Here’s how you can make your photos stand out.

Ensure housing photos look stunning!

Showcase a Stunning Exterior

Buyers want to see both interior and exterior listing photos so it is important to have a great mix of both. If you have a great collection of interior photos but no exterior photos, they may be left wondering what’s wrong with the outside. Take superb photos that reflect the season. No buyer wants to see a snow-covered home in summer.

Accentuate the Most Attractive Rooms

When adding photos to your listing, add those of the most attractive rooms. Don’t add photos of badly staged rooms as this may work against you. Simply include the descriptions of the rooms not shown. The gorgeous spaces will lure buyers and make them want to schedule a showing.

Focus On the Architecture and not just the Decor

Unless your client is selling his home with furnishings, there’s no point of focusing on the décor. Take only a few photos of the décor and focus mostly on the architecture. You can also take photos that capture both the décor and architecture. Advise sellers to stage their homes to show the most important architectural points. These can be fireplaces in living rooms, marble countertops in kitchens, and gorgeous bathtubs in bathrooms.

Make your rooms look welcoming and larger

Make Rooms Appear Larger

Photos taken from corners lower to the ground show more flooring. When buyers see more flooring, they think the room is larger than it actually is. Tell sellers to remove all rugs from the space to add square footage. Unbroken floor space makes rooms look bigger and we all know that square footage is king in real estate.

Show a Welcoming Atmosphere

Buyers, especially those with families, love homely properties. Tell sellers with fireplaces to light them during photo sessions to create a feeling of hominess and intimacy. They can also add throw cushions and throws to chairs. The room should be cozy without appearing dark.

Many professional photographers prefer to take photos with lights off during the day. This method doesn’t always bring out the best features of a home particularly in dark rooms. Turn on every lamp, overhead light, and pot light in the room during your photo shoot. These points of light draw the eye to every corner of the space and make buyers linger on the photo.

bedroom ideas taking photos
Flooring by Urban Design Centre under license

Don’t be afraid to take nontraditional photos

Take Nontraditional Photos

Shot-from-the-entry photos are very popular with realtors. Make yours a little different. Throw the windows open, move the chairs, and open the French doors to create unconventional photos. Unusual photos entice buyers and capture their imagination. You can also take a picture of the entry toward the front door while standing indoors. Leave the front door open for added interest. You’ll be able to capture both the interior and exterior.

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very popular. It applies to the real estate industry more than any other. In fact, a picture in real estate may be worth more than a thousand words! Photos are the first thing buyers see when looking for their dream homes. Many buyers rate photos as the most valuable feature online in real estate. Most of them shy away from photo-less listings. Attract buyers with stunning photos and make a quick sale.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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