Release Notes – 2015.05.21

 May 21, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Lotsize
    Display of lotsize was broken in certain cases.

  • Google Contact Sync
    During the Google Contact sync process, prevent the sample client (enduser) from being picked up and synced.

  • MLS Icons
    For MLS’s that do not have provide a logo, we no longer use the Broker Reciprocity logo as a replacement on search results pages. If the MLS does not provide a logo, no logo will be shown.

  • Saved Searches Page
    The “No saved searches” message was staying around after adding a saved search.

  • Zillow Listing Syndication
    Zillow (and Trulia) recently started requiring Unit Num to be a separate field instead of part of the listing address in listings data we send them – and consequently started rejecting a subset of the listings we send them. We optimized the data we send them accordingly.

  • Modify Search
    Was not remembering previously selected subdivisions and “search by” selections.

  • Omnibox Search
    Optimized search speed performance for when using digits – e.g. zip code or MLS#.

  • Email Validation
    Updated our “valid email” check to account for the new top level domains that are now available.

  • County Search Restrictions
    Fixed an edge case UI problem involving duplicate county names in county search restrictions.

  • Listing Details Slideshow
    Clicking the same photo twice in the listing details slideshow was resulting in a blank display.

  • Open Graph tags on Listing Detail Pages
    The format of Open Graph URL metadata on listing details pages has been reformatted to improve results when using social share buttons on those pages.

  • Express Package Settings
    Hid a few irrelevant IDX related listing display options (since Express does not have integrated IDX)

  • Blog Post Publish Date
    The publish date form input now dynamically shows/hides based on the state of the publish checkbox.

  • Saved Search Pages in Edit Mode
    Previously, when navigating to a saved search page in edit mode there was a landing page allowing for easier editing of that page. This is no longer needed. You can simply click “Edit this page” on the saved search page itself.

  • Custom Form Phone Numbers
    Custom form inputs identified as phone numbers were failing validation when empty, even when not marked as a required field.

  • Agent Search Autocomplete
    The agent search forms in both the widget and on the agent directory page have updated with a new autocomplete menu.

  • Saved Search Pages and Pagination
    Previously, when clicking through multiple pages of search results on a saved search page, the context of the saved search page would be lost and it would revert to a standard results page presentation.

  • Canonical URLs and Redirects
    Previously, if one accessed an Elite website via the domain we weren’t generating canonical URLs or redirects, which allowed ver very undesirable search engine indexing under that domain. Canonical URLs and redirects now trigger from to prevent this.

  • Lead Tracker Search
    Fixed issue where “search by status” setting was getting reset when scrolling through different pages of search results in Lead Tracker

  • Easier Links to Login/Register Pages
    In your content editor, in the link dialog, the pages “Login” and “Register” now show up in the list of “pages on your site” that you can link to.

  • Canadian Postal Codes
    Better handling of Canadian postal codes during the initial signup process for a new test drive.

  • LeadTracker Duplicate Clients
    Previously when someone tried to add a new client to LeadTracker with the same email address as an existing client it would display the message “New Client Created” without making any changes. Now the user will be sent to the client details pages and given the message “Error: You already have a client with this e-mail address. You can update that client’s details here”.

  • Auto-Response Email Signature
    Updated the UI for editing the signature and a fixed formatting bug causing extra line-breaks.

  • What’s New now in Admin Menu
    We added a “What’s New” section to the Admin Menu page that shows the most recent “What’s New” category posts from our blog.

  • Express Package
    Hid the Linked Accounts settings link since this functionality is not available for Express Packages.

  • Round Robin Lead Reassignment
    Previously if a user was deleted from Lead Tracker and the same user later tried to re-register with the same e-mail address, that user was not being reassigned to an agent and no notification email was sent. This process was updated so now a new agent is assigned using round-robin and an email is sent with the title “Lead has reactivated/registered”.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.