How to Maintain Curb Appeal throughout the Warm Seasons

How to Maintain Curb Appeal throughout the Warm Seasons

 June 26, 2015

Most homeowners know that curb appeal is one of the major factors that influence buyers. However, some forget that creating curb appeal is a continuous process that must be maintained for as long as the home is on the market. More and more buyers are perusing homes on the internet and may not inquire about a property if it does not look appealing from the outside. Here are some ways your sellers can maintain curb appeal through the warm seasons.

Curb appeal ideas for a beautiful outdoor home

Keep Walkways and Curbs Clutter Free

Walkways and curbs jammed with bicycles and strollers are both an eyesore and a safety hazard. They should be kept free of clutter and debris to enhance the look of the property. Advise homeowners to develop the habit of walking around their properties every few days to clean up any debris or damage.

Creating a Beautiful Lawn

It can be challenging to maintain a green lawn during summer as the season is very dry. Additionally, municipal water restrictions can make the task even more difficult. Sellers can minimize water usage by reducing the amount of grass or by planting drought-resistant plants. They can also use rain barrels and recycle rainwater to water their lawns.

There are many things homeowners can do to keep their grass green and lush in the dry summer months. They can water their lawns late at night or early in the morning as the moisture is less likely to evaporate at that time. They can also reseed their lawns when they spot bare patches. Old glass is easily affected by heat and may wither despite being watered regularly.

A beautiful lawn will attract potential homebuyers

Landscaping Tips

A beautiful yard is a key attraction for many buyers. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sellers can work with their space and budget so long as they focus on presenting lovely exteriors that enhance the positive features of their homes. They can remove weeds from flowers and from the areas around shrubs to create a clean look. They can also install ground covers such as shredded redwood during spring to help their plants retain moisture in summer and to naturally reduce the growth of weeds.

Homeowners should trim shrubs to prevent them from touching the siding and foundation. Plants located next to a house can attract pests like rats and termites which can damage the property resulting in expensive repairs. Large trees and shrubs planted very close to a house can damage the foundation later on when their roots and size exceeds that of their space. It is usually easier to nip such problems in the bud than suffer huge losses later.

Gain Inspiration

Sellers should not be afraid to copy ideas when looking for ways to spruce up their façades. They can visit model homes in new neighborhoods to see how to create great curb appeal. Model homes get sold quickly and there is a reason why. They have great curb appeal, beautiful amenities, and make excellent use of paint and lighting. Tell sellers to get ideas from these places to make their homes stand out. They can also look at their neighbors homes to see what works for them.

Gain inspiration from other homes

Curb appeal has the ability to attract buyers or passers-by at first glance. It makes a great first impression and makes the viewer want to learn more about the property. It is no secret that homes with curb appeal attract more attention from buyers and sell at a higher price. Heading outside when temperatures are very hot is without a doubt a hard decision, but it is a must for sellers who want to sell their homes fast. Advise your sellers to tackle one area at a time and they’ll be able to create great curb appeal.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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