How to Stage Summer Homes for Sale

How to Stage Summer Homes for Sale

 June 17, 2015

Real estate changes every season and there are times when realtors sell more listings than others. Spring and summer are generally the best months for real estate. During this time, many agents compete to sell listings. In order to stand out from other realtors, offer buyers the best services. One way to do this is by advising sellers to stage their homes according to the seasons. Home staging helps you to attract buyers all year long. Give homeowners the following staging tips to help them make the most of their homes.

Stage summer homes to attract new buyers

Begin with the Outdoors

First impressions are everything. Rarely will buyers want to see a home’s interior if the exterior looks neglected. Advise sellers to view their homes as products. Tell them to go across the street to study the properties as this is the same view potential buyers will see the first time. Homes get cluttered by trees and plants in summer which can obstruct the view. Homeowners should cut tree branches and trim plants to ensure their homes are clearly seen from the road.

Add Flowers to Interiors

Summer is a great time to bring the outdoors in. Tell sellers to make their interiors warm and inviting by adding flowers. They can use bright and cheery flowers or opt for clippings and twigs if on a tight budget.  Gorgeous flowers help set the tone for the whole showing.

Focus on Lighting

Summer is filled with long, bright days and short nights. Sellers can take advantage of the long days and showcase their homes using natural light which is much better than artificial light. They should open blinds and curtains to let the sun in and get rid of heavy window treatments. They should also make sure their windows are clean both inside and out.

Bring natural light into every space when possible

Get Rid of Excessive Plant Growth

Many plants and flowers grow in summer. If left unattended, they can prevent natural light from getting into a house. No buyer loves a dark house. Sellers should trim plants to ensure they don’t grow beyond the window level. Trimmed plants add value to a home and make it look more appealing. Buyers can be very picky; if they notice chaos outside, they may not even get out of their car.

Emphasize the Pool

If some of your sellers have homes with pools, advise them to present them in the best possible way. They should clean the pools thoroughly and ensure they are free from debris. They can use power washers to clean the surrounding area of dirt and stains. Sellers should also place cozy outdoor furniture around the pool to attract buyers. A beautiful pool makes buyers picture themselves relaxing there.

Give glimpses of summer life with decorative summer touches

Revamp the Backyard

Many sellers focus on curb appeal and the interior space and forget about the back. Buyers usually see the back of the house from many rooms so it is an area that can’t be disregarded. Homeowners should keep their backyards clean and make them appear conversational and entertaining. They can create entertaining areas with outdoor furniture or make the spaces look like resorts using umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Sellers can take pictures of their backyards in summer to show winter buyers how the spaces look like in the warmer months of the year. They can also take photos during the other seasons and make a lovely photo album. It is hard for buyers to imagine things they can’t see so pictures are very valuable.

If you are getting ready for a busy summer selling season, prepare yourself in advance. Advise homeowners to stage their homes for summer to make the most of the booming real estate season.

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Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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