Release Notes – 2015.06.22

 June 22, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Misc Template Fixes
    Fixed an issue where the testimonial author’s padding was causing the author to appear directly above the wrong testimonial. Fixed an issue where text within the saves search wasn’t readable.

  • Open House Dates
    Some listings were displaying open houses that happened in the past.

  • Broken Listing Flyer Link
    The responsive version of the featured listings details page was drawing a broken link to the print flyer screen.

  • Open Graph Images
    Where available, the open graph image meta data on listing details pages is now be pointing to larger images. This will improve image quality when sharing via Facebook/etc.

  • Mobile Listing Share Email Link
    When sharing a listing in the legacy mobile interface, the email contained a broken link.

  • Virtual Tours under HTTPS
    When a virtual tour URL on a listing had HTTPS as the protocol we were erroneously trying to format it, and mangling it in the process.

  • Open Graph Listing Description Sanitization
    Listing descriptions are used to produce open graph description tags (for use when sharing the page on social media). However, when the description contained html content, this broke the page. Sanitization code has been added to prevent this.

  • Surcharge added for CA-STAOR
    A surcharge was added to the billing service for the upcoming MLS, CA-STAOR.

  • MLS Compliance: Disclaimers Same Size as Listing
    A new MLS compliance flag was added for certain MLS’s to force their disclaimers to match the font size of feature details.

  • Surcharge for CA-SYAOR
    Effective 7/1, all existing CA-SYAOR customers will start to be charged a $5 surcharge. New customers will be affected immediately.

  • Notification Emails Reverted to Plain Text
    At the request of clients who pipe their notifications into text messages, enduser activity notifications have been reverted to a simpler plain-text emails, instead of our new company branded html emails.

  • New Option for How to Display Bathrooms
    There is now a setting that controls how bathrooms are displayed – specifically half baths. The setting is under Admin Menu: Settings: Listing Display. There were also inconsistencies between how various pages and widgets displayed bathroom data. These will be consistent now.

  • MailChimp Account Linking Error
    When attempting to link a MailChimp account via a user with insufficient privileges, an ugly 500 error would be thrown. Now, this error will be properly caught and reported in a more palatable format to the user.

  • Responsive Featured Listing Sorting
    Changes for responsive templates broke sorting of featured listings.

  • Canonical URL for Homepage
    The meta canonical tag URL for the homepage when not hosted at “/“ was broken.

  • MailChimp Content Sanitization Relaxed
    The sanitization code for the name and subject of MailChimp emails and campaigns has been made a bit less strict, allowing quote characters to pass unencoded.

  • Listing Widgets Courtesy of Setting
    Not all listing widgets were respecting the customer setting to hide courtesy of notices.

  • Video on Responsive Listing Details Page
    The responsive markup for listing details was not properly displaying video embed code when it was available on a listing.

  • Fix Quota Check in File Picker Window
    When uploading files via the file picker window, the quota check would erroneously prevent uploads after 100MB regardless of the current quota.

  • Ignore Non-Fatal Errors When Syncing MailChimp Lists
    An informational error from the MailChimp API was causing a hard 500 error when attempting to sync lists. This error is now ignored.

  • New Leads Not Appearing in LeadTracker
    An error has been fixed that was causing certain new leads to not display in LeadTracker. New lead emails were sent to both the agent and the new lead.

  • Omnibox Missing Subdivisions
    Subdivisions of the same name existing in different cities were only showing up for one of the cities in the omnibox autocomplete menu.

  • Omnibox Duplicate City Names
    Bad MLS Data was causing “Walla Walla” and other cities to show up multiple times in the list of cities in the omnibox autocomplete menu. Duplicates are now filtered out.

  • Omnibox Map Boundaries
    Searches originating from omnibox weren’t drawing zip, city, and county map boundaries on subsequent results page maps.

  • Responsive Foreclosure Search
    The responsive version of foreclosure search widgets and pages were ignoring the “special condition” options.

  • Responsive Modify Advanced Search
    The responsive Advanced Search page was not showing the previously searched for values for beds, baths, and price range when doing a “modify search”.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.