Release Notes – 2015.07.30

New Features/Updates

  • Template Selector Page Updated The template selector within Edit Mode has been updated to a more modern look and feel matching the one found on the marketing website.

  • Flash Banners Deprecated All flash banners have been removed from our banner library. Customers won’t be able to upload their own flash banners anymore. Existing customer websites that have a flash banner will be allowed to keep them. The flash button has also been removed from the CKEditor. Flash creates security risks, is slow, and is not supported on a large number of popular mobile devices (iPhones and iPads).

Bug Fixes

  • Open Houses Page When there are no open houses found on the open houses page, it now shows a message to check back again soon.

  • Listing Details Page The features section is now hidden when there aren’t any features. (This only happens rarely for manually entered/edited listings).

  • Prevent duplicate meta descriptions Old code was making sure that every page had a meta description by creating a single site-wide description that every page would use as a fallback if it did not provide its own description. Times have changed and it is now better for search engines to see unique meta descriptions per page. The Admin Menu setting for meta description is now only applied to the homepage. Unique default meta descriptions are now automatically generated for all other pages based on the page name.

  • Surcharge for CA-TULARE There is now a $10 surcharge for CA-TULARE effective only for new customers going forward.

  • Tweak to meta title for homepage The meta title for home page will no longer have the page name (usually “home page”) appended at the start.

  • Use protocol on social share image link on featured listings Featured listings were sometimes using protocol agnostic urls when creating social share meta tags, which apparently was making it hard for Google+ to find images for share snippets.

  • Saved search widgets now respect “sort mine first” setting Saved search widgets were not respecting the setting to sort an agent/office’s listings first in search results.

  • Fix photo count for custom photos in featured listing widgets Featured listings widgets weren’t preparing the photos number as required by the new responsive markup, which caused photo counts for listings with custom photos to be erroneously displayed as zero.

  • Fix custom mapping of featured listings on responsive templates The new responsive templates were not properly displaying custom lat/lng coordinates for featured listings.

  • Fix omnibox search for MLS number without pound sign Searching for an MLS number without a pound sign was returning zero results, instead of still working as a slightly less efficient search method.