Release Notes – 2015.08.27

New Features/Updates

  • New Templates There are 15 new templates:

    • T062 Series: Modern Business, Salmon, Clean Lavender, and Nine to Five Featuring a new slide-in mobile navigation tray and a featurette section with circles under the banner.

    • T063 Series: Bay View Purple, Warm Room Orange, Gold Coast Houses, Green Garden Houses, and Mountain House Features include an extra large banner and a sticky horizontal nav menu.

    • T067 Series: Nightcrawler, The Burbs, and Beach Hut Life Featuring an extra large banner with the search overlay at the top.

    • T068 Series: Sea World, Beautiful Landscape, and Sunrise Beach Featuring an extra large banner allowing you to overlay the header content and a sticky horizontal nav menu.

  • Schedule an Appointment Customers can now schedule an appointment with our ELITE Service department by visiting You can schedule an appointment Monday through Friday.

  • Introducing Our New ELITE Service We have officially launched our new support initiative ELITE Service – free with every website – where our mantra is ‘We’ll take care of it for you’. Want to add a new image? or update your website with some new text? We’ll take care of it for you.

  • Google Cloud Storage for IDX Photos We’ve moved all of our IDX listing photos from our data center to Google Cloud Storage. This offers the fastest and most reliable hosting service for these static resources and provides excellent scalability for future growth.

  • Mobile IDX OFF by Default Since all templates are responsive now and the search portion works well on mobile devices – mobile IDX is turned OFF by default for all new accounts going forward. Existing customers will have to manually flip this off if desired – and for most of them who are now using responsive templates, we recommend that they do.

  • We’ve Updated Our Geocode Database For listings where the MLS does not provide us with lat/lng information for the listings, we have to lookup the location for those addresses. Our geocode database is what we use to do that and it is now current.

Bug Fixes

  • Template: Aqua Glimmer Homepage layout was broken for Aqua Glimmer.

  • Template: Feng Shui Flower Fixed an issue where the listing slideshow widget and banner weren’t displaying correctly for template: Feng Shui Flower.

  • Template: Translucent Blues Office Fixed responsive version to match the appearance of the legacy template more closely.

  • Template: Polished Office Fixed an issue where listing tiles’ widths were causing them to get cut off.

  • Omnibox Search by Zip Searches without an explicit type (i.e., entered a zip code, but didn’t select an option from the autocomplete menu) didn’t combine the parts of the query correctly.

  • Listing Manager Sorting The manage listings tab is now sorted by status by default.

  • Modify Commercial Search Modify Search in some cases was going to the Quick or Advanced Search page instead of the Commercial Search page.

  • IDX: HI-CENTRAL Remap Counties The field in the data feed that we were using as “county” actually contained some cities and other non-county entities. The county field has been normalized to a standardized set and the original field in the data feed has been remapped to a custom search field called “Major Areas”. All existing saved searches were updated to use the new values.

  • Auto-Response Email Signature Format Signatures for some customers in the auto-response emails were being set on a single line instead of multiple lines.

  • Edit Blog Post: Tag Error Validation Previously if you tried to include a special character in the Blog Tag text field this would cause the blog post to fail silently on save. This has been fixed and now the user is prompted to input proper characters in the Blog Tag text field.

  • IDXPro Listing Images Images being displayed in the listing details page were too large, causing the images to look distorted.

  • Modify search selecting ALL cities Fixed an issue where all cities were being selected when a user tried to modify a saved search instead of just the cities that were previously selected.

  • Can’t sort sold listings by sold price Added “sort by” fields for sold price in the featured listings view.

  • MLS Logos in thumbnails The MLS Logo was always displaying for some users in their featured listings widgets, even when not required by MLS. Now showing only when required.

  • LeadTracker Filter by HouseTrack Clients with inactive/expired HouseTrack notifications were being included when searching for Clients with HouseTracks.

  • MailChimp Sync Phone Numbers Enhanced the Lead Tracker synchronization process so it will the pull the client’s phone number, as well as their first name, last name, and email address from an agent’s MailChimp list.

  • Hotlist days setting for Express The “hotlist days” setting is now used for featured listings as well, and thus should be usable for Express customers.