Release Notes – 2015.09.10

 September 10, 2015

New Features/Updates

  • CKEditor Link Dialog Updates
    There is a new “Telephone” link type that inserts the “tel:” prefix – allowing mobile users to click the link and automatically dial the number. Also, the “Page in your site” link type has been made the default option since it is used the most often.

  • YouTube Social Icon
    The social icons widget now has the option to add a YouTube icon/link.

  • Office Package: Setting to show listings on Agent Profile pages
    Simplification: The setting to “show listings on agent profile page” has been changed to be a single, global setting, instead of per agent. For new accounts going forward it has been defaulted ON.

Bug Fixes

  • Templates:
    Numerous New Template Fixes.

  • Commas in square foot field
    Provided better validation for manually entered listings so that commas in the square footage section would not cause the square footage information to get left out.

  • Manage campaigns button not working
    After syncing a new MailChimp account the manage campaigns button that appears was not functional.

  • Agent Profile error format
    Cleaned up the formatting on the user error message that appears if information is missing when creating a new agent profile in the agent directory.

  • Listing Manager Sorting
    The manage listings tab is now sorted by status by default.

  • Modify Commercial Search
    Modify Search in some cases was going to the Quick or Advanced Search page instead of the Commercial Search page.

  • Turning off HouseTrack emails in IE
    When using Internet Explorer, the ability to turn off HouseTrack e-mails for clients’ saved searches was not working.

  • Test drive link not logging in automatically as specified in e-mail
    After signing up for a new Test Drive, users received an email with a link and were informed they would be logged in automatically. This is no longer the case and the e-mail was updated.

  • Confusing message after saving a listing through mobile site
    After saving a listing through the mobile site, the user would get an error message dialogue with a message that said ‘listing saved successfully’. This was changed to be less confusing.

  • Office Package: Agent photo/info on listings
    For office accounts, listings belonging to one of the office agents contain that agent’s contact info and photo. However, in some contexts (MLS search vs. Featured Listings), the agent photo and contact information was not appearing correctly.

  • Default Meta Titles on Saved Search pages
    The default meta titles that were being created for saved searches were confusing and included a lot of information that was getting truncated. This has been fixed and now the default meta title simply includes just the name of the search.

  • MailChimp synchronization breaking
    The MailChimp synchronization process was breaking when the MailChimp list did not include a column for phone number.

  • Custom form notifications to agent returned to simple email template
    Customers requested that the email notifications regarding the submission of custom forms be presented in a more simple email format.

  • Closed Listings: photo ordering
    Due to our recent switch to Google storage for images, a check for the existence of archived photos was making closed listings lose their photo numbers. This deprecated function call has been removed.

  • IDXPro: Use more efficient image file size in listing widgets
    In many places we were using the “2x” image size where the “1x” size would suffice, necessarily increasing load times. Also updated them to use the new Google Cloud based static image server for IDX images.

  • Fixed lotsize and property type in Zillow syndication feed
    A bug was causing lotsize and property type to sometimes be wrong in our Zillow feed. Both of these issues have been addressed.

  • New default meta description for pages without one provided
    Previously, pages without their own meta description were given the site-wide meta description. This is a problem due to search engines not being happy about the duplicates. Now, we will append the page name to the site wide description to avoid issues with duplicated descriptions while still providing a description for every page.

  • Fixed lotsize and property type in Zillow syndication feed
    A bug was causing lotsize and property type to sometimes be wrong in our Zillow feed. Both of these issues have been addressed.

  • Classic Websites IDX Photos
    Classic websites are now using the new Google Cloud static image server for IDX photos.

  • Add canonical links to saved search pages
    To prevent search engine crawling errors – specifically reports of duplicate content, saved search pages now have canonical links that say what the authoritative URL of the page is.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.