The Role of IT And How It Affects You The iHOUSEweb Customer

 September 2, 2015


Information technology has come to be the nucleus of most modern businesses. Much like businesses in vertical and horizontal markets some principles are tried–and–true, but to transcend in the modern IT world you must progress at a rapid pace. The shifting of standard practices and secure environments from self-hosted to cloud-based infrastructures has opened up new possibilities for integration of vital components. Larger companies are moving to cloud services managed by the tech giants to focus on their core services. These components offer unbridled access to your data that is at the heart of your business. The fact remains that goliath cloud providers are constantly updating hardware, testing redundancy and expanding data centers. The most important part of that is they are doing it well. By leveraging these systems for our product, we can produce a more reliable service.

iHOUSEweb has shifted some of our focus away from the maintenance of redundant, high availability virtual systems. These systems allow us to reduce maintenance time and focus on being inventive. We strive to offer reactionary changes based on our customers requests. Some of these components that are vital to real estate need large amounts of planning and maintenance. The cumbersome story of building disaster recovery plans, testing high availability systems and backup/recovery procedures is not one that relatable. In the modern world, people expect technology to work. Period. Utilizing integration with proven technologies that offer high availability and constant development will help offer a better experience. With these changes, we can focus on moving forward with more modern technology to allow our service to accommodate the catalyst your business needs grow.


We are currently in the early stages of migrating our services into a highly available cloud-based environment. We have just wrapped up migrating images to the cloud which was over 13 Terabytes of data (thats over 13,000GB!). This storage provides a content delivery network so visitors to your website are served your images in the fastest way possible. This change allows us to scale with the growing technology changes for real estate listings. Cell phones and digital cameras are growing at a blistering pace, both in size and resolution. Moving our images allows our business to scale with your needs regardless of cameras growth in technology. The images will be available 99.9% of the time from anywhere in the world. Business professionals want their website to be beautiful and fast, these steps are along the path to keeping your website the best in your market.

Integrating with services that are the best in their markets brings you more tools to work your business. Some of our current integrations include Google Cloud and Mailchimp. Mailchimp is one of the best marketing platforms available. They use current industry standards for email marketing; this means more of your marketing mail reaches your potential and current clients. Our product allows you to send marketing flyers for properties you want to feature for specific clients. As with technology, our services require great customer support. You can set up MailChimp yourself or give our ELITE Support team a call and they will set it up for you. Google Cloud has been a long transition for our customers. We have planned and taken great care to make sure there was a transparent migration. The email from google under this product gives you enhanced privacy, greater spam control over your domain and 30GB of storage. The business products included with this platform include drive, calendar, sites and hangouts. These tools can help you stay connected to your business from anywhere in the world. These are a couple of powerful integrations that harness the power of other companies to bring you powerful products.

The landscape of IT is dynamic. Providing a 24/7 service takes dedication and lots of work. Changing with the growth of technology is imperative and by our assiduousness we shall improve. You have to know when you must be a pioneer and when to partner with the most knowledgeable business in their field. Picking the right focus for resources allows us to improve our products and satisfy our customers. The end goal being for our customers to know that our product is backed by modern technology, is highly available and constantly being developed.  We want our customers to feel like they are the focus of all our hard work, because they are.

Benjamin Bearman

By Benjamin Bearman

Benjamin serves as the CTO for iHOUSEweb. He has 13 years of software engineering and IT experience. He is responsible for all technical aspects of product development and support. In his career, both at iHOUSEweb and before, he has worked on all stages of the product lifecycle and in IT. Benjamin has a degree in Enterprise Application Development.