Tips for Staging Kids’ Rooms for Family Buyer Appeal

Tips for Staging Kids’ Rooms for Family Buyer Appeal

 October 12, 2015

Home buyers with small kids usually pay a lot of attention to kids’ bedrooms. They prioritize the rooms because they know that’s where their kids will be spending a lot of time learning, relaxing, and having fun. While it’s easy to stage the other rooms of a home, kids’ bedrooms can be tricky. This is because home sellers must focus on creating the perfect environment for buyers’ kids. Advise your sellers to follow these guidelines when staging kids’ bedrooms.

Make Kids’ Bedrooms Look Spacious

If there is one thing buyers look for in homes, it is space. The more space a home has, the more valuable it is to a homebuyer. No matter how big a room is, it can look cramped when filled with furniture, toys, and other knickknacks. When staging children’s rooms, home sellers should make them look spacious.  They should get rid of unused toys and furniture to help prospective buyers envision their kids in the space. Stuffed animals and other toys should be kept out of sight as they personalize a room. Homeowners should let their kids choose 2-3 books and toys and pack everything else. Most kids have countless toys but only use a few at a time. There’s no need to fill a room with things that will only break the deal.

Find Inspiration

Some home sellers don’t know where to start when it comes to staging kids’ rooms. Tell such sellers to scour blogs, TV programs, and interior design magazines for inspiration. Some social networks are packed with information on almost every subject and can provide useful tips. Home sellers can also visit model homes to get an idea of what modern buyers want. Such homes are decorated by experts and can be good sources of fresh ideas.

Choose a Neutral Theme

Sure, kids’ rooms are the best places to embrace creativity, but buyers have different preferences and what may appeal to home sellers may turn them off. For example, a bedroom with a princess theme may be a hit with buyers who have young girls, but buyers with boys will not find it appealing. Home sellers wishing to attract a wide range of buyers must choose neutral themes for kids’ bedrooms. These could be sports themes, cartoon themes, or coordinated color themes. The theme must be good enough to excite kids but simple enough not to overwhelm. Homeowners should balance neutral and themed elements to ensure kids don’t outgrow the themes quickly. If the bedroom walls are painted bold colors like orange, red, and yellow, they should be repainted. When buyers see bold colors, they start thinking of the time and money needed to repaint. They conclude that it will be easier to buy homes that are move-in ready.

Infuse the Room with Light

During the day, kids’ rooms should be filled with natural light. There is nothing appealing about dark bedrooms. Kids do not enjoy staying in them and adults consider them eyesores. During showings, buyers examine kids’ rooms to see whether they will appeal to their kids. They look for rooms their kids will enjoy living in. If all the rooms in a home are alluring save for the kids’ rooms, buyers may fail to make an offer. Tell your home sellers to use light window treatments to let in light. They should clean windows thoroughly and leave them open during the day. At night, the rooms should be well lit.

Staging kids’ rooms can be an uphill task. Homeowners have to make sure the rooms appeal to both kids and their parents. However, when perfectly staged, kids’ rooms can turn potential buyers into homeowners.


Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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