Why You Need A Geek Like Me

Why You Need A Geek Like Me

 November 23, 2015

I love technology. Friends rightfully call me a tech geek. I spend hours browsing an electronics superstore reading specs on the newest products. In my spare time, I stare at a screen writing code for personal projects involving cutting edge and scalable databases, new programming languages, and innovative paradigms to program better. With other geeky friends, I talk about prime numbers and analyze algorithms. You don’t have to know what any of this means, but just know I am a geek. It is a badge I wear with pride. And at iHOUSEweb I work with a team of engineers and IT specialists who are far brighter and geekier than I. This team includes several individuals who have decades of experience in both real estate and technology. So why does this matter? As a real estate professional, why do you need a team of geeks on your side?

A few years ago, my wife and I purchased our first home. Like most people from our generation, when making this decision we relied heavily upon the internet. Sure, we wanted a realtor who was friendly, personable, and worked hard for us. But we also wanted a realtor who had tools that would help inform the buying decision. The modern buyer wants to see that you have easy-to-use tools that can provide them with up-to-date information. They want to see that you provide informative, fresh, relevant content both on your website and through your personalized e-mail communications.

Likewise, the modern seller wants to know that your site is highly visible, that their property really stands out, and most importantly that you are connecting with potential buyers (both online and offline). Modern buyers and sellers will choose someone else to represent them if they find that others have better tools. In fact, many of these modern buyers and sellers might not even know you exist if they have been drawn in by others who rank higher in a Google search and who have richer and easier to navigate content on their website. This where the iHOUSEweb team comes in.

When I describe what I do, others often summarize, “Oh, so you make websites for realtors.” A better description is that I help design comprehensive, web-based marketing and communications solutions to help realtors and real estate offices prosper. These days, just about anyone can build websites. Your average high-school student is able to put together a basic web site or piece together some pretty content with WordPress. Yet there are a lot of companies who will charge you a lot of money to do just that. There was a day when having a basic web-site, and perhaps a simple IDX integration, was enough. Yet this is simply not true anymore.

Not just anyone can develop these modern and feature-rich tools like iHOUSEweb’s fully integrated LeadTracker technology and our enterprise HouseTrack communication system. You need geeks like me who count how many microseconds it takes to complete a search, who constantly analyze the best databases to use behind-the-scenes to provide detailed information on millions of present and historical listings, and who are current with the latest metadata standards to ensure that you have high visibility on Google (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

We count microseconds and use fancy databases, because seconds matter. If your site takes too long to load or the information is out of date or incomplete, the modern buyer will go somewhere else. We at iHOUSEweb carefully craft metadata and help you with your content, because placement on Google matters. If your site is not on the top of their list, many modern buyers and sellers alike will settle with someone else. At iHOUSEweb you get a team of geeks who constantly work behind-the-scenes to keep your tools cutting edge and ensure your continued success.

At iHOUSEweb, you get an array of professionals working for your advantage. You get a team of geeks like me, a team of design experts, a team of marketing experts who are really good at Search Engine Optimization (e.g, getting your site placed highly on Google), a team of business professionals with diverse experience in real estate, and our highly trained team of white-glove Customer Support Representatives whose motto is “We’ll take care of it for you.”

If you want to ensure your online success, you need the best players on your team. You need a team like us. Don’t settle for anything less.

David Eyanson

By David Eyanson