How to Bring Fall/Winter Curb Appeal to the Backyard

How to Bring Fall/Winter Curb Appeal to the Backyard

 December 28, 2015

The backyard is one of the areas home sellers ignore. They think that if their front yards and interiors are amazing, the backyards won’t matter. How wrong they are! Home buyers look everywhere, and even a small flaw can make them change their minds about a home. Tell your home sellers to create backyards potential buyers will fall in love with. Here’s how they can add fall curb appeal to their backyards.

Define the Space

The best way to show prospective buyers how they can use a backyard is by defining it. Sellers can turn their backyards into outdoor kitchens with dining areas, relaxation spots, or even play areas. A defined backyard has a great impact. The best part is that homeowners don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on their backyards, they can use the furniture and accessories they already have. They can also construct storage sheds to keep toys and tools out of sight.

Home sellers with large backyards can create zones. They can use different furniture groupings to break up the areas and make them feel bigger. For instance, a small backyard can serve as a dining area and a lounging nook.

Make it Comfortable & Inviting

A cozy backyard can make buyers think “I must buy this home!” While most home sellers focus on making their interiors cozy, they forget that some people prefer to spend more time outdoors. A beautiful patio is an inviting part of the house. It beckons one to step outside and enjoy the fresh air and the cool breeze. Homeowners can add features like fireplaces and upholstered furniture to their outdoor spaces to enhance comfort. With a little planning, they can make their patios cozy seasonal spaces.

Consider a New Floor Covering

A lot of patios have stone or brick surfaces. However, some are made of concrete. Homeowners with plain concrete patios can give them a new lease of life in two ways: they can coat them with masonry stain in a charming color or install slate tiles over the concrete using a thin-set mortar that creates a stylish appearance. They can make their patios look like beautiful natural stone. Sellers can also decorate their backyards with container gardens, planting beds, and outdoor furniture.

Dress Up Landscaped and Garden Areas

Brightly colored flowers and plants can make a garden come alive. Flowers bring about positive moods. They affect people emotionally and make them feel less anxious and more energetic. When buyers are in a positive mood, they see a home differently and aren’t so quick to notice flaws. Tell every home seller to add plants and flowers to their backyards to brighten them up. They should place bright flowers where they’ll be seen first by home buyers. A backyard without natural elements lacks life and vitality. Homeowners can plant their own plants and flowers and build planters. They can turn unused objects into creative garden planters.

Add Light and Shade

People love to spend time in their backyards, especially when the weather is nice. Temporary or permanent structures can provide much-needed shade against summer heat and fall showers. They can extend a home’s living area. Lighting is also important as it determines the function of the space. A backyard should be well lit so that buyers seeing it at night won’t have to strain.

A backyard, no matter how small or big it is, can add to the beauty of a home if well decorated. Encourage your home sellers to update their backyards as they refurbish other parts of their homes. A few changes can turn lackluster backyards into relaxation hubs – and who doesn’t love a relaxation hub?


Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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