Release Notes – 2015.12.17

Bug Fixes

  • Missing saved searches response headers
    Older saved searches using a deprecated format were throwing 500 errors. This has been changed to use the more appropriate 404 (content unavailable) error.

  • Fix pagination range edge case
    In cases with pagination eclipses on either side of pagination controls, the next range ellipsis was calculated incorrectly.

  • Add sitemap entries for featured listings
    The sitemap.xml file now contains entries for the 200 most recently modified featured listings.

  • Re-enable ckeditor for signature field on housetrack auto-response emails
    Recent restructuring of markup in the admin menu accidentally disabled ckeditor for the signature field on the housetrack auto-response editor.

  • Properly honor “hide open houses” option in all contexts
    The “hide open houses” option was not properly preventing open house display on featured listing pages.

  • Fix EULA file MN-RMLS
    Our system was not properly serving the EULA file for MN-RMLS.

  • Fix “find similar” tool
    Stricter listing validation inadvertently broke the find similar search tool.

  • Fix creating slideshow embed widgets
    Recent changes broke the ability to add a slideshow embed widget.