How Your Sellers Can Find Hidden Storage in Their Small Homes

How Your Sellers Can Find Hidden Storage in Their Small Homes

 February 1, 2016

One of the things home buyers prioritize is space. A home with space appeals to many buyers, unlike one with limited space. One great way to make a home look spacious is by creating extra storage. If your home seller’s lack ample storage, tell them to get creative. Things can start to pile up if they are not properly stored. Here are some ways home sellers can find hidden storage.

Check Under the Stairs

Many homes, even small ones, have under-the-stairs-closets. However, most homeowners do not make use of the space because they feel that it is too cramped. Advise home sellers to install shelves and some office organizers to create instant work stations. They can add tables and chairs to complete the home offices. But they should not remove the closet doors so as to hide the space when it’s not in use.

The space under the stairs can be used in various ways. It can hold beautiful china and rarely used serving pieces, it can be used as a recycling center, or it can serve as a library. When using the space as a recycling center, home sellers must utilize roll-out bins to keep recyclables out of sight.

Look to the Ceiling

When most homeowners look for storage, they never look up! Overhead storage is underutilized in almost every home. Home sellers looking to attract a wide range of buyers should extend their shelving or upper cabinets to the ceiling to store rarely used items and items they don’t need. They can keep stools nearby to access the items easily.

Pots and pans should also be stored overhead. These are usually difficult to store because of their varying shapes. They should not be placed in kitchen cabinets as they take up a lot of space. Instead, they should be hung near the ceiling. Home sellers can install ledges above kitchen windows to hold large platters, pots, and pans.

Create Innovative Kitchen Cabinets

Home sellers should utilize corner spaces and add more storage capacity to their kitchen cabinets. Slim drawers that fit in corners can hold small appliances and baking pans. Corner storage makes use of extra space and keeps object off countertops, ensuring they look neat.

Homeowners who can’t add more storage cabinets to their kitchens can optimize what’s already available. They can place less used objects on top of high cabinets, store items on cabinet sides where they are easily accessible, and integrate useful tools like tension rods and magnets which have a myriad of uses.

Check Behind the Door

Home sellers must utilize every square inch when creating extra storage. However, they don’t have to build stylish closets or buy a lot of organizers. They can simply make use of room doors and closet doors. With a few hardware pieces, they can transform closet doors into additional wardrobe storage. Hooks and bars can be used to organize accessories, jewelry, and outfits. A pantry door can be used to store spices and aprons.

Don’t Forget About Under Sink Storage

The space under the kitchen sink is difficult to use because many plumbing parts are in the way. Homeowners can create order under their sinks with door racks, stacking shelves, tilting drawers, or plastic buckets packed with cleaning supplies. They can also use baskets or pullout shelves which use all of the space. They can install double doors to keep things out of sight yet close at hand.

It is no secret that small homes can be difficult to sell. However, if they are spacious, they can become buyer magnets. Advise home sellers with small homes to find hidden storage using the above tips. They will be sure to capture the attention of buyers.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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