Bathroom Remodeling: These Additions Can Help Raise Sellers’ ROI

Bathroom Remodeling: These Additions Can Help Raise Sellers’ ROI

 March 7, 2016

It is no secret that every home seller wants to sell their home as fast as possible and for the highest price. But these two feats can be difficult to achieve if a house is just like every other one on the block – nothing out of the ordinary. One of the things homeowners can do to entice buyers is revamp their bathrooms. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important room for home buyers. They know they will be spending a lot of time in it, so it has to look good. But a bathroom remodel can get expensive fast, so home sellers must decide where to splurge and where to save. Here are some valuable bathroom updates they can undertake.

Install Low-Flow Faucets, Toilets, and Showerheads

Low-flow fixtures have been around for a while. Modern ones conserve a lot of water without compromising performance. Decreasing water use has a host of benefits. Homeowners conserve and protect their communities’ major water supplies and also save energy and money. To choose the most efficient plumbing fixtures, homeowners should look for those with specific flow thresholds.

Low-flow fixtures reduce water consumption and give bathrooms a modern look. A new showerhead enhances the style of a bathroom and makes a showering experience more enjoyable. Home sellers can also install hand showers for versatility. They can choose drill-less models which are easy to install.

Update Hardware and Accessories

As the saying goes, “Excellence is in the details.” It’s the small things that determine how a bathroom looks – faucets, towel bars, and even hooks. Tell your home sellers to change their cabinet knobs and pulls, faucets, hooks, towel bars, and toilet paper holders. They should buy chrome or brushed nickel ones which add both style and function. They should also make sure cabinet hardware coordinates with door hardware, lighting, and other fixtures. Matching accessories give a bathroom a designer touch. Homeowners who want to enhance the safety of their bathrooms can add decorative grab bars to tubs and showers.

Get Rid of Dated Lighting Fixtures

The wrong lighting fixtures can make a bathroom look outdated. Tell home sellers to replace their old lighting fixtures with new, dramatic ones. They will be sure to impress every home buyer who comes for a showing. They can install decorative sconces to complement their hardware and faucets. However, they should only get LED lights which save energy and lower utility bills. Lighting fixtures can change the atmosphere of a bathroom in an instant.

Upgrade Bathroom Fan

A properly functioning bathroom fan removes odors, humidity, and other pollutants, improving air quality. Home sellers must upgrade their bathroom fans to ensure the rooms stay clean and mold-free. Bathroom fans are usually an afterthought for many homeowners, but they are crucial to limiting humidity. Excessive humidity and water vapor can cause mold and mildew or peel and crack paint and wallpaper. Newer bath fans are functional as well as stylish. They operate quietly and come with many decorative features to enhance bathroom lighting systems.

Replace Old Vanities

A vanity takes up a lot of space. Because of its size, it’s one of the first things home buyers notice in a bathroom. A lovely vanity can transform a bathroom while an ugly one can deface the room. Vanities come in many styles – eclectic, traditional, contemporary – so homeowners can easily find a perfect fit for their homes. A new vanity adds style, texture, and color to a bathroom. When buying new vanities, sellers should buy matching sinks or select those with built-in bowls. They should also replace the faucets.

Updating a tired washroom doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor, homeowners can add character and style to their bathrooms affordably. Advise your clients to use the above tips to give their bathrooms a new lease on life.

Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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