How to Help Your Sellers Stage Their Home Before Spring

How to Help Your Sellers Stage Their Home Before Spring

 March 11, 2016

Spring is a great time to sell a home. Many home buyers actively search for new homes during spring. If some of your home sellers didn’t manage to sell their homes in winter, tell them to prepare for spring. It isn’t too early to start getting ready. Buyers love homes that are staged for the season. Here are some tips you can share with your sellers to help them improve their chances of attracting serious buyers.

Tell Sellers to Scrutinize Their Own Homes

The only way home sellers can attract buyers is by stepping into their shoes. They should grab a camera or a smartphone and get outside to gain a buyer’s perspective. The first thing prospective buyers see is the exterior. How it looks determines whether or not a buyer will consider giving a home a closer look. Clutter and signs of neglect can instantly turn buyers off. Sellers should write down what needs to be cleaned up, repaired, replaced, repainted, or thrown away.

Next, they should head inside to see what buyers see during showings. They should travel from one room to another and take note of the main features in each room. As they do this, they should avoid their normal traffic patterns. Once they note down what needs to be done, they should plan updates that will showcase their homes in the best light.

Cleanliness is Essential

Clean homes sell, period. A home with sparkling windows looks fresh and inviting and draws buyers. A lived-in look, on the other hand, is a turnoff. Homeowners should clean their homes thoroughly. They should get rid of everyday clutter like personal photos, paperwork, and knickknacks. Buyers want to picture themselves in the space, this is impossible if there are constant reminders that the house is still occupied.

Floors endure a lot during winter as they are dirtied by snow, shoes, and even dirt. Home sellers should clean their carpets thoroughly and polish worn spots on wood floors with polyurethane. Wall marks can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Sellers Should Have a Fresh Smelling Home

Spring isn’t just a colorful season, it is also a fragrant one. Sellers should bring natural scents indoors. Wonderful aromas that are natural have a positive impact on mood. Home sellers can infuse scents into their décor with candles, diffusers, fresh flowers, or plants. Sometimes just opening up the windows to let fresh air through the home can do the trick.

Those looking to create a homey ambiance should bake cookies or spray spiced scents around their homes. But caution sellers to only use aromas that evoke fresh and clean feelings. Aromatherapy diffusers or beach-scented candles are a great choice.

Interiors Should Be Bright

A house with open windows and lots of fresh air is sure to attract buyers. Sun-drenched rooms tell buyers that winter is gone and spring has arrived. Home sellers who can’t keep windows open throughout should open them regularly to get rid of musty air. They should also ensure that windows are open during showings. Heavy curtains should be replaced with shades and blinds. On rainy days, homeowners should turn on all the lights before showings.

Clear Off Counters

Homeowners can’t live without toasters, coffeemakers, mixers, spices, and other things. However, these can fill counters and clutter a kitchen. Counter items should be kept in the cupboard. If space is limited, sellers can put the items in a box and place it in the pantry. Counters should only be decorated with bowls of fruit.

Preparing a home for spring isn’t as hard as it seems. With these simple tips, home sellers can make their homes spring-ready and attract spring buyers.


Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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