Release Notes – 2016.04.14

New Features

  • Test Drive Process Now Mobile Optimized
    The process for creating a new test drive website has been optimized to be more mobile friendly.

  • Round Robin Email Notifications: BCC Setting
    There is now a setting on the Settings: Email Notifications page of office package websites that allows them to be optionally BCC’d every time a lead is auto-assigned to one of their office agents.

  • CKEditor Link: Email Target
    When creating a link of type “email” in the CKEditor, the target attribute of the anchor tag now gets set to “_blank” so that if webmail is used as the email application, it will open in a new browser window.

Bug Fixes

  • Find My Listings: Background Tasks
    We tuned the background tasks for the “Find My Listings” step so that it runs more optimally.

  • Embeddable idx search widget not keeping search parameters
    The generated embeddable widget was using a default value for the domain, which caused a redirect that lost the form parameters. This has been fixed.

  • IDX Search displaying unwanted area
    Omnibox “wildcard” searches (when you don’t select from the dropdown) were ignoring search restrictions.

  • Listing Detail Pages: More og Tags
    The listing detail pages now contain a few more “og” (OpenGraph) type meta tags used by Facebook and other social media sites use to create a post when you share the page. These get used both when sharing a page manually with a “Share” button, and also when a page is “auto-posted” to Facebook.

  • Hotpads Syndication: Multiple Photos
    Hotpads now supports multiple photos in their syndication feed, just like Zillow.

  • LeadBuilder: Google Adwords Library Update
    We’ve updated the Google API library that we use to collect PPC statistics for LeadBuilder.