Release Notes – 2016.04.28

Bug Fixes

  • is no longer relevant and we’ve discontinued sending our syndication feed to them.

  • Better Encryption for 3rd Party Credentials Our Elite Service team often aids customers in using a domain name registered through a third party, like To do so, we collect customer login information for that third party account. We’ve proactively tightened security protocols to help protect this information. We are now using a higher level of encryption when storing it in our database and the data is restricted to admin level users.

  • Commercial Search Issues Price per square foot values were being mistakenly rounded to the nearest dollar. Also cleaned up the search fields so that when “for sale” is selected, the “lease” box does not show.

  • Omnibox Search Tweaks The omnibox search has been updated to correctly identify city state values separated by either a space or a comma. e.g. “Clayton MO” or “Clayton, MO”.

  • Test Drive Extensions expiring too soon In some cases, test drive extensions were expiring prematurely.

  • Shared facebook link for inactive listing still opens listing Fixed. Any enduser will see 404 if a featured listing is inactive or hidden.

  • Meta Data Error Removed incorrect parameters from ‘og:title’ meta tag.

  • Setting map type is not saving The default map view type setting was broken.

  • Update list of display status suggestions For manually entering and editing listings, we added the ‘Under Contract’ display status as one of the default values you can select.

  • Blog: Number of Posts Counts When displaying blog post results for a tag, the count of matching posts was wrong.

  • Mapping Listings with no street address On listing detail pages there is a button linking out to a Google Map. If there is no street address (and if the address has not been intentionally suppressed), and if there are lat/lng coordinates, they will be now be used as the search query part of the link instead of the address.

  • New testimonials appear as the last ones Changed the edit testimonials page so that newly testimonials will appear as the first ones in the list.

  • Manual map markers moving Manually positioned map markers for listings were appearing at slightly wrong coordinates.

  • Social share buttons on any listing page Previously social share buttons only appeared for “featured” listings. They now appear on MLS search listing detail pages as well.

  • Gallery widgets: Use the new file manager The edit gallery widget page was still using an older method of choosing images. It has been updated to use the new file manager.

  • Bulk Action: Start Campaign In some cases the bulk action version of starting a drip email campaign was broken.

  • Rss feed pages All RSS feed pages were only showing 1 article.