Budget Curb Appeal Tips: Making an Impact at the Front Door

Budget Curb Appeal Tips: Making an Impact at the Front Door

 July 18, 2016

A gorgeous front door can make a home look stunning. Unfortunately, many home sellers focus on everything else and forget their front doors. The front door is a home’s focal point. If it’s plain and unappealing, home buyers won’t want to see what’s inside. Sellers looking to lure buyers and sell their homes quickly should make the following updates.

Perk Up the Front Entry

There are many ways a home seller can decorate his front door. He can paint it a different color, add a house number to the side or above it, or hang a beautiful wreath on it. Paint that contrasts with the trim and siding can spruce up a dated door. A new door handle can also update a front door in an instant. Homeowners can get new bronze finished handles which are stylish and affordable. To make their homes more appealing, they can also replace interior door handles with fashionable lever handles. Those with old homes should consider changing their entry floors as most are made of linoleum. They should install tile.

Replace the Front Door

Replacing the front door has a ROI of about 86%. It is one of the home projects with a high return. When a home has a dated front door, buyers think that it is neglected. They might also think that other unseen features are dated. Home sellers can install new doors with windows on either side or with a window above. Such doors add splendor to the exterior and also make the interior pleasant because they let in natural light.

Add Lighting

When driving on residential streets at night, buyers’ eyes are often drawn to homes with well-lit front doors. Outdoor lighting presents a home in a good light. It highlights a home’s architecture, enhances security, and helps home buyers to walk to a front door effortlessly. However, it can be hard to find the right lighting fixture as there are countless styles.

Home sellers should evaluate their spaces to determine the best fixtures for them. Some front doors look good with ceiling-mounted fixtures while others look good with wall-mounted ones. The purpose of a front door fixture is to illuminate the entry, to cast a glow that doesn’t hurt the eyes, and to get rid of dark corners.

Decorate with Colorful Planters

A front entry is a perfect spot to splurge on lovely features like gorgeous planters. Planters with different types of plants and flowers can quickly enhance the space. Sellers with old homes can add vase-like cement planters for an ancient look while those with modern homes can use geometric glazed pots. Planters can decorate a home throughout the year. They can display seasonal flowers during the warmer months and seasonal décor during the colder months.

Install an Awning or a Roof

An awning or small roof can enhance a home’s curb appeal. These two features protect buyers from the sun or rain before they enter a home. They also shield homeowners from the elements as they look for keys to open their front doors. Awnings come in a variety of designs so homeowners can easily find perfect matches for their homes. Constructors can also create customized roofs that match homes.

While the main purpose of a front door is to keep a home secure, it can also do a lot more. It can make a home more attractive and draw potential buyers. It determines the style of a home and can make it more elegant, cheery, and welcoming. Tell your home sellers to make their entryways inviting and accessible and they will be sure to get good offers.


Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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