How Your Sellers Can Stage Their Fixer-Upper Homes

How Your Sellers Can Stage Their Fixer-Upper Homes

 July 27, 2016

Selling a home is no easy task, but selling a fixer-upper is even harder. Modern buyers want homes with new kitchens, updated bathrooms, and large master bedrooms. In slow real estate markets, they can easily find such homes. But fixer-uppers lack these amenities. The key to selling these types of homes is getting the homeowners to stage them correctly. Here are some ways your home sellers can stage their fixer-upper homes.

Fix Up the Front Porch

Home buyers love porches because they are focal points and relaxation spots. But dripping rain, blowing snow, and foot traffic can take their toll on a porch. While a coat of paint can brighten up the space, it is important to fix the damage immediately because moisture can get into turns and joists and cause them to rot. Porch railings and flooring also have a tendency to rot after being exposed to the elements over time.

Homeowners should take time to repair their porches. They should ensure they fix the damaged areas. Those who can’t tackle the project on their own should hire experts.

Focus on the Living Area

Most fixer-upper homes have small living rooms separated from dining areas. When a living room is separated from a dining room with a door, both rooms seem smaller. Home sellers should get rid of such doors to make their living areas feel bigger. They should paint both rooms a neutral color to unify them. They should also add stylish, comfy furniture in the space. Living rooms can also be decorated with natural accents for a cheery, organic look.

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Floor quality plays a big role in making a house beautiful. But refinishing floors can be a hard task for homeowners living in their homes. Everything needs to be removed and put in storage while the floors are refinished. Homeowners may also have to move out for a week as the flooring is worked on.

But home sellers should only refinish floors with lots of nicks and tears. The process is expensive, and they may not be able to recoup their money when they sell. Most buyers will overlook minor imperfections if other details are impressive. Some buyers want to personalize homes after they buy them so the condition of the floors may not matter.

Brighten Up with Paint

Tired, old homes can make buyers run for the hills. Paint not only makes a home look new, it can increase its value. Painting the interior and exterior can transform a home. The exterior is the first thing potential buyers see and must be appealing. Home sellers should use neutral paint colors or pastels as bold and bright hues are off-putting to buyers.

Home interiors should be beautifully painted. Peeling paint can make buyers think that a home isn’t cared for. Advise home sellers not to use wallpaper (no matter how fancy it is) as it turns off buyers. They should also use neutral paint colors in interiors. These colors depersonalize a home and allow buyers to picture themselves living there.

Highlight the Home’s Perks

While a fixer-upper may have old flooring and wiring, it may have some great features buyers will fall in love with. It could have great woodwork and spacious rooms that just need updating. It might be close to transportation and have a very interesting history. Some buyers value location more than any other thing. Home sellers can boost the appeal of their homes with neighborhood perks.

Fixer-uppers are normally advertised as homes with a lot of potential. Buyers love fixer-uppers because they pay less for them and they can customize them. Tell your sellers to stage their fixer-upper homes to ensure they get good deals.


Ronique Gibson

By Ronique Gibson

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