Release Notes – 2016.09.29

Release Notes – 2016.09.29

 September 29, 2016

New Features

  • Saved Search Pages: Draw Map Boundaries
    When editing a saved search page and choosing the search parameters, you can now use the map draw tool to create a custom area to search within. The same tool is also available when creating saved searches for clients in the LeadTracker area.

Bug fixes

  • Multi-select Box: Save Typed-In Value
    When editing a saved search page, there are several “multi-select” autocomplete fields. If you typed a value without choosing an item from the autocomplete menu, and then saved, that value was being discarded.
  • Multi-select Box: Comma-Separated Lists
    You can now copy and paste in a comma-separated list of MLS numbers or zips and it will automatically split them out into tags. Also if you are typing a value and then enter a comma, it will auto-close your value into a tag.
  • MLS # Advanced search bug
    The handling of MLS number from the advanced search page was broken – a single mls number failed to find the listing. If you appended a comma, it worked fine. There were some quoting issues. This was fixed and released to production on 9/15.
  • New Listings Only search feature flag does not show on results page
    The selection of “new listings only” was not made available to the Search Description at the top of the results page. This is now fixed. Released to production 9/15.
  • Error entering manual closed listings
    When entering a manual listing, if it was a closed listing, the closed date, price, etc were not saved initially, you had to go back to the listing information screen and re-enter the data. This problem is fixed, released to production 9/20.
  • Contingent Listing handling
    Recently, it was decided that listings marked as “contingent” be treated as a Active listings. That means that they will show up in searches, and copied down to accounts as Featured Listings. We have implemented a new flag that allows the agent to decide to NOT show contingent listings. This flag can be set in the Admin Menu, on the Settings -> Search Options page. The default value is off – so contingent listings are shown.
  • Registration Form
    When editing the registration form, it was possible to add a second name, password or email field to the form, which, in the context of a registration form, are non-editable fields. This resulted in an extra field that could not be deleted. Modified the registration form to not allow those field types when adding a new field to prevent this.
  • Custom Form Errors
    The nav widget was not being set up correctly for links to modal forms. This has been fixed.
  • Saved search not accepting all parameters
    Multiple issues from one source. When editing a saved search through the lead tracker, certain values (notably bedrooms and bathrooms) were incorrectly saved ( “5 or more” instead of “5”). I have fixed the editing interface to do this correctly, and also fixed the backend to handle those cases where the saved searches were saved that way. In addition, some fields (the simple checkboxes like “With a Fireplace”, “With a Pool/Spa”) were not being reflected in the Search Description as shown on the results page. This has been fixed as well. Note that these fields are in the saved searches, they were only missing in the search description.
  • Handling Locations With Commas
    The processing logic for search parameters got confused when handling areas with embedded commas in them. The same is true of subdivisions with embedded commas. The Omnibox has been fixed to handle this, unfortunately, the “multi-select” boxes used in this case (Editing a Saved Search/Housetrack for an Enduser) will require some significant work to fix. With a little alteration, the Omnibox in the modal form has been fixed to correctly handle the commas. So long as you don’t need multiple areas, use the Omnibox instead of the Area box (or subdivision).
  • MLS Map Search
    I noticed an error in the logs – when there is a subdivision restriction, but no subdivision is selected in the search parameters, the search was failing with a database error, because the required FEATURES table was not included. Fixed.
  • Homepage Canonical URL Not Correct
    The canonical link for the homepage was changed to be just slash instead of a URL value – e.g. to The correct urls are now rendered for all links to the homepage generated on an agent’s website.
  • Broken Links in Listing Slideshow Widget
    The link field in the Slideshow Image List was adding http:// in front of links already containing https:// and preventing the images from being updated from previous links. Fixed.
  • Remove iFlyers Beta from Syndication Options
    iFlyers Beta was removed from the syndication options page since it is no longer being used.
  • Custom form submission errors
    Custom forms have been modified to prevent multiple form submissions, and give some feedback to the user that something happened when they clicked “Send”.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.